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March 06, 2009

New Canon 5D Mk2 photographer review (and stock-status update)

In a sign that things are quieting down PMA-wise, we actually have time to write about something non-PMA related :-) There is a brand new photographer's review of the Canon 5D Mark II at Mountain Light Photo. Lots of interesting tidbits on the camera, crops at 100% for those who like to analyze IQ at this level, and a comment on how the reviewers think it compares to MF.

The team behind Mountain Trail Photo, for those who are not familiar, is a published group, with a number of outdoor photography books to their credit. Check out the books of Ian Plant et al, which include the "Wonder and Light" series, featuring the photography-friendly West Virginia, Shenandoah, Chesapeake Bay, Maryland, and more.

For more on the camera, be sure to check the 5DMk2 blog and long list of reviews so far.

Canon 5D Mark II in-stock status
Adorama has both the body only and the 24-105L kit in-stock and shipping for free for the expected prices of $2700 and $3500 respectively.

If you like to buy your advanced cameras with your microwaves and new U2 music CDs, the body only is available at Best Buy for $2700 plus tax plus S&H.

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