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March 12, 2009

New blog feature: Rate individual posts

We have added a new feature, where you can rate individual blog posts, using the "5-star rating system", going from 1 to 5 stars. This was just recently installed, but as more ratings are added, this feature will also be able to generate recommended posts and also most popular posts among readers based on the ratings. So please feel free to rate the posts you like or don't like!

This option will be seen on individual blog post pages (not the front page of the blog), at the end of the blog post text. We will have a more detailed update on this after a couple of weeks. The service is offered by This works with Firefox, IE, Chrome and Safari, however, as one of our readers pointed out in Comment #1, this does not work with Opera :(

It looks like this (the one right below is a screenshot crop, it is not live):

You can also rate posts directly from your favorite RSS newsreader. We have added an extra bullet at the footer of the feed entitled "Rate This", which will take you to a ratings wrapper page. Here is how it may look in your feed reader (right below is screenshot crop, it is not live):


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