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March 27, 2009

Luminous field report of the Canon 5DMk2 tries to put things in perspective

Luminous Landscape(s) has posted their field report of the Canon 5DMk2, a review written by contributor Nick Delvin. The report is based on the now-epic trip of Luminous and friends to Antarctica. But if you are 5dMk2 die-hard with camera posters all over your walls, you want to avoid reading the last paragraph in the review :-)

The 5Dmk2 is actually available and shipping for $2700 from Adorama and Best Buy. Not sure if you get a free microwave with purchase ;-) has sold out their new arrivals, they lasted less than 12 hours.

For more on this lovely giant, be sure to check our 5Dmk2 diary-turned-blog and the Planet 5D blog.

Update: And now let's see some reactions to the review, starting with the dpreview forums in a rather modest-sized discussion thread. Then we go to the "home" of the review, where the Luminous readers are starting to discuss the MotherShip's review.

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