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March 2009 (131 posts)

March 31: New Top Sellers after three weeks (SuperZoom Wars heat up, 2009 models arrive)
March 31: Zoom! Zoom! Canon SX200is gets reviewed by Steve's Digicams!
March 31: As the Pentax and Samsung worlds turn: Honeymoon in Paris?
March 31: Books: Seeing beyond Sight (photographs by blind photographers)
March 31: New Olympus E450 DSLR follows-up on adorable E420
March 30: Impact review: Casio EX-FC100 at Crunch Gear
March 30: Samsung fans get their forum at dpreview
March 30: Want more? Follow us on Twitter!
March 30: Blast from the Past: This day in 2008
March 30: Another report from PIE 2009, this one in Luminous english
March 30: Milestone: Picture #5000 in the flickr pool
March 30: Lensaholics beware: Sample Zeiss 21mm f2.8 pictures
March 29: New Fuji F200EXR review, this time at
March 29: Controversial review: Olympus E30 at Digital Camera Info
March 28: Updates from the PIE trade show in Japan: Naked Venus, Nikon tidbits, etc
March 28: Readers Gear on eBay - the experiment continues
March 28: Sample the samples at DC Resource Part II
March 28: Blogosphere lightning round: Phase One, Nikon 35mm f1.8 DX, etc
March 27: Zeiss 18mm f3.5 coming for the Canon mount
March 27: Weekend Shopper: Nikon D3, CS4 upgrades, $30 Manfrotto monopod
March 27: Interview with Samsung about NX-series at AP UK
March 27: Tidbits from the PIE trade show in Japan via and Focus Numerique
March 27: Luminous field report of the Canon 5DMk2 tries to put things in perspective
March 27: Canon SX1is review posted at dpreview (and reactions)
March 27: New issue of PhotographyBB magazine is now out in PDF!
March 26: New colorful headlines on the front page of the blog
March 26: Try a Hasselbald H3DII for free for 2 days!
March 26: Reactions to the new Canon T1i/500D in the forums
March 26: Housekeeping: Left sidebar is now cleaned up!
March 26: Panasonic TZ7 gets reviewed at Photography Blog
March 26: Double the contest, double your chances!
March 25: Music to Leica fans ears: Samples with Leica Noctilux f0.95 lens
March 25: Phase One hearts Mamiya
March 25: Conspiracy theory: Is Canon playing politics to "punish" sites if they don't like their reviews?
March 25: Japanese announcement of Panasonic GH1 and lenses
March 25: Sample the samples at DC Resource
March 25: New Canon Speedlite 270EX is a tiny little flash
March 25: New Canon Digital Rebel T1i 500D is officially announced
March 24: New Canon Digital Rebel T1i DSLR video-leaked
March 24: Now shipping: Canon SX200 IS superzoom
March 24: Olympus E30 gets reviewed by a trio of dpreviewers
March 24: Pentax news from Japan: 645D coming in 2010 with 30mp+ CCD, new lens road-map and more
March 24: New Tamron 60mm f2.0 "digital-only" lens is in the pipeline
March 23: (EXPIRED) Sandisk memory card pre-paid Visa card rebate specials at Adorama
March 23: Trying Intense Debate at Camera Deals blog
March 23: The Sigma DP2 price is $650 and you can pre-order it now
March 23: Pentax world ablaze after a not-ruling-out European Interview
March 23: Tokina 16.5-135mm DX coming to US market (Canon/Nikon only)
March 23: New Nikon Coolpix S225 (probably a retailer-exclusive clone)
March 23: Rumor Diary: DSLRs and compact digital cameras
March 23: How does the new Ricoh HDR engine perform? (Ricoh CX1 review at Photography Blog)
March 23: Five 2gb Sandisk Extreme III CF or SD cards for $50 total
March 22: R&D Talk: Why no compact professional-caliber DSLRs?
March 22: Medium format makes noise about noise with the Sensor+ technology
March 21: Weekend shopper (abbreviated edition)
March 21: Poll of the day: When will we see the first Hello Kitty DSLR?
March 21: Interview with five Olympus representatives at dpreview
March 20: Current Canon SX1 IS users get RAW
March 20: Impact review: Nikon 35mm f1.8 DX at dpreview
March 19: FAKE! (Nikon D400 DSLR rumors)
March 19: Interview with a Panasonic vampire at dpreview
March 19: New 33-megapixel Mamiya DL33 medium format camera
March 18: New Canon 5D Mk II review and in-stock update (updated again)
March 18: Casio EX-FC100 speed-demon (white finish) now shipping
March 18: New Canon 500D (Digital Rebel) coming on March 25
March 17: Fuji F200 EXR new review and shipping right now for $374 (updated again)
March 17: To pay or not to pay, that is the question!
March 16: In-stock alert: Black LX3 (LX3K) back but for $500
March 16: Impact reviews for Fuji F200 EXR and Panasonic TZ7
March 16: Things are quiet in CameraVille (open thread - suggestions, feedback, etc)
March 14: Impact review: Nikon 35mm f1.8 DX at PhotoZone
March 14: Canon SX200 IS review at DC Resource (and a new hands-on)
March 13: Photography Soup: Camera and Gear revelations edition
March 13: Olympus changed its mind (was: Contrarian View: Olympus and 12-megapixels)
March 12: PMA 2009: the wrap-up of wrap-ups
March 12: New blog feature: Rate individual posts
March 12: Canon 5D Mark II 24-105L kit in-stock (updated)
March 12: Nikon element-proof camera concept leaked, superzoom P90 shipped
March 11: Medium Format News: Reviews and troubles
March 11: New Top Sellers: Discount impact, SuperZoom Wars, Pre-Orders
March 11: Results of our PMA polls - most exciting and disappointing
March 11: Impact review: Panasonic FT1 (TS1) at Photo Review
March 10: Olympus E620 sample pictures by Four Thirds User
March 10: Pixel-peeping the Sony Alpha DSLRs, DxO-style
March 10: Leica does not rule out future full frame digital rangefinders
March 10: Impact review: Fuji F200 EXR at CNet Asia
March 10: Submit your ideas for the Blog Referendum II
March 9: Selling gear on eBay? Let us know and we'll feature them
March 9: Ashton Kutcher pushed Nikon to #1 in December 2008?
March 9: In-stock alert: Canon 5D Mark II body only
March 9: Book Watch: Coming up in digital photography (not yet released)
March 9: (SOLD OUT) Deal alert: Pentax K2000 with lens and flash and bag for $400
March 8: Weekend shopper: Refurbished Nikon D2Hs for $1500
March 8: New top selling digital cameras update
March 8: Is Pentax planning something for the summer?
March 7: PMA Saturday: Panasonic may launch compact M43rds camera
March 7: A RED DSLR-hybrid prototype is shown (DSLR CEOs cry!)
March 6: M&A rumors: Cisco rumored to be buying Flip Video manufacturer
March 6: New Canon 5D Mk2 photographer review (and stock-status update)
March 6: PMA Friday round-up
March 5: PMA Thursday late edition
March 5: Kodak will release 35mm film SLRs and cameras via Sakar
March 5: (No More) Fuji F200 EXR shipping on Saturday!
March 5: PMA Thursday early edition
March 5: (NO?) New Vivitar DSLR (!?!?) says Amateur Photographer
March 4: Which was the most exciting announcement so far?
March 4: PMA Wednesday Late Edition
March 4: Pentax digital Medium Format finds the resurrection ship
March 4: PMA Wednesday Early Edition
March 3: PMA Tuesday Late Edition
March 3: The Sigma SD15 DSLR gets closer to reality, yet no closer to release
March 3: Sigma DP2 is re-born at PMA 2009
March 3: Olympus makes no (public) progress in Micro Four Thirds
March 3: New Panasonic GH1 is a high-def video version of the G1
March 3: New Kodak Z915 is an honest attempt at a fun yet PSAM superzoom
March 3: New Casio EX-Z29 pushes the envelope with 10mp 1/2.5" sensor
March 3: PMA Tuesday Early Edition
March 2: Twitter News: New Panasonic and Olympus stuff tomorrow
March 2: Adobe finalizes point-three versions of LR2 and ACR
March 2: PMA Monday round-up (late edition)
March 2: Sony shows six concept lenses at PMA 2009!
March 2: New Sigma 10-20mm f3.5 EX DC HSM lens in five flavors
March 2: New Sigma 50-200mm f4-5.6 DC OS HSM available in CMNPS
March 2: New Sigma 18-50mm f2.8-4.5 DC OS HSM (OS works with Alpha and K-mount)
March 2: New Sony HX1 superzoom bursts at 10fps in full-resolution
March 2: New Pentax DA 15mm f4 ED AL Limited lens comes out in April 2009
March 2: Meet the new Pentax X70 superzoom
March 2: PMA Monday round-up (early edition)
March 2: New Samsung NX-series has APS-C sensor with EVF!
March 1: Luminous Landscape on the Nikon D3x
March 1: Something Pentax-ian leaked via Colorfoto?


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