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March 23, 2009

Rumor Diary: DSLRs and compact digital cameras

This is the Rumor Diary, that was "live" from March to September 2009. You can check for the latest updates using one of the links below...

For the latest rumors, be sure to check the Rumors mini-blog, which summarizes all the updates in the Rumors category. For actual news, be sure to check the News mini-blog, and for new camera announcements only, be sure to visit and bookmark the new camera announcements mini-blog. All are presented in reverse-chronological order.

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This page is no longer updated. Please see the links above for the latest rumors, news and camera announcements.

Sun Sept 20, 2009
We don't know if this is a harbinger of new-news, but the Canon 1Ds Mark III is currently selling for around $6115 at three major retailers. Its typical price was $6300++ before this development.

Thur Sept 17
Is Nikon planning a Nikon D3s announcement in October? That's what one rumor says!

It looks like we may have a Sigma DP1s coming out after all! And news of the SD15 price. More via this Sigma rumor alert on the front page of the blog.

Wedn Sept 16
The rumor of the Pentax 400mm f4 lens is making a comeback in the Pentax dpreview forum, this type thanks to a reference in one of the outdoor photography magazines.

Tue Sept 15
A Leica regional director reveals that the X1 is using a Sony APS-C sensor, and that that sensor will find its way in a Nikon APS-C compact.

Wedn Sept 9 speculates about what and when we should expect from the Olympus E3 replacement, which would be the next Olympus 4/3rds flagship DSLR.

Sun Sept 6
Via CanonRumors we learn of a rumor making the rounds in the RED forums that Canon may be preparing a counter-strike to the RED, hoping to "take them out" before they manage to pick up momentum and make a bigger dent in the market.

Sat Sept 5
Leica PDF leaked, oozing M9, also X1 paragraph and D-Lux 4 remains in line-up with no replacement. Read all about it!

Wedn Sept 2
An L-Camera forum rumor talks Leica X1 and M9.

Mon Aug 31
The 7D press release was leaked in China. The camera will be an 18mp APS-C (1.6X) CMOS-based dual-core digital camera. Ships late September. No price yet.

Sat Aug 29
Photo Club Alpha speculates based on their sources that in the next 12 months there will be a camera from Sony that will record stills at 50fps and says we may see it in the Alpha A700 replacement.

Mon Aug 24
German website has received insider info on the upcoming Sony A500 and A850 DSLRs. Details discussion at this A500 and A850 rumor alert.

Sun Aug 23
Stock Photo says that the upcoming Canon 7D will actually have a 1.3X APS-H sensor.

Tue Aug 18
DXO looking for buyer, and other imaging-sensor related rumors at the very informative Image Sensors World.

Mon Aug 17
Bob Atkins tentatively joins the rumor parade and says expect something (url added) DSLR-wise from Canon on Wednesday August 19!

Sun Aug 16
The Canon G11 rumor is discussed at the Serious Compacts flickr group.

Sat Aug 15
A retailer in Andorra lists the Sony Alpha A800. 15mp, but not sure if FF or not.

Wedn Aug 12
There is a new Samsung 85mm f1.4 lens floating in the Korean forums. This is a 35mm Pentax K-mount lens, not an NX-series lens!

Tue Aug 11
It looks like the GF1 is getting an announcement date of September 1st or 2nd.

Mon Aug 10
"Uncle Bob" talks Nikon D700X. Is it fantasy, rumor or fact? We have no idea, but you can read more about it in this rumor update at the front page.

Meanwhile, on the Canon front, CanonRumors has a new rumor talking 1D Mark IV rolling out en masse in time for the Vancouver 2010 winter Olympics. The sensor, the rumor says, will remain at APS-H, the "golden medium" (or the "nightmare") depending on who you ask.

Fri Aug 7
Photoscala rounds up the currently floating rumors. A good way to get a snapshot of where we are in the rumor-sphere.

If you see this floating in the rumorsphere, it is a Photoshop fantasy, not a real camera picture - the Ricoh GZ-1. As cool as it may look, the blue screen probably gives it away anyway :-)

Thur Aug 6
Big leak at Xitek, the next Panasonic Micro Four Thirds camera is leaked - the Panasonic GF1. Check out the details in the breaking-news update on the front page.

SonyInsider has an update on the upcoming 2TB Sony MemorySticks XC that may be backward compatible even.

Wedn Aug 5
Canon Rumors has a rumor refresh on the Powershots. Make every shot, a Powershot! Will Canon take the G-series to the next level?

Tue Aug 4
We are without a Nikon guru for a whole month! Thom Hogan will be on internet-detox for a whole month and he will return on September 5 or so. He will however make a short commentary right after the Nikon quarterly financial results come out tomorrow.

Sun Aug 2
Trouble with tribbles at Kodak, as there are clouds across their CMOS sensors.

Please note that the Kodak sensor used in the upcoming Leica S2 is a CCD sensor.

Sat Aug 2
Hot leak! The Sony Alpha A850 DSLR, complete with its PDF manual has been leaked from a Sony website in Asia!

This also raises the question, is this a pre-emptive strike by Sony to counter whatever Nikon may be announcing next week? Or are these two completely unrelated? Only time will tell...

Fri Aug 1
Via the Insider, we see a speculative-post on Sony DSLRs at Macro-Photography-blog, where they suggest that the "Sweep Panorama" feature of the Cybershots (eg HX1), should be added to the Alpha DSLRs as well.

Thur July 30
If the new D300s and D3000 is not enough and you crave for more, Nikon Watch analyzes the 50mp VL1 super-camera (wishlistic) rumor.

And what about Canon? What could their response be? Using the fairness doctrine, here is a new 60D rumor at CR.

Wedn July 29
Not camera-related we assume, but something is coming from Microsoft tomorrow. One of the guys from Trusted Reviews posted a picture of the start of the NDA form on Twitter.

Tue July 28
How many big announcements are coming up? You may have noticed that despite having a staff of at least half a dozen, dpreview has not posted a preview of any the recent new camera announcements, even though there have been some interesting models from Fuji (3D, F70exr, S200fs), Ricoh (GRD3), and Panasonic (FZ38/FZ28). Coincidence or ???

Meanwhile, some Canonites are asking for a 1D Lite. And and you shall receive?

Mon July 27
Canon is scheduling a two-day pro event in London for late October 2009. So we can assume that this has implications as to when new professional gear might be announced?

Sun July 26
Rumor no more! The Ricoh GRD III is revealed at the APUK website!

Sat July 25
Gizmodo has a hilarious take on the Kodak "mystery" viral video. They filled in the blanks in the bleeped words with their "estimate". Please note, that the Gimzodo transcript is FILLED with profanities, so only visit it if you are comfortable with reading foul language.

Fri July 24
The Canon 70-200 f2.8 Lens is not canceled says the Adorama Ambassador to dpreview. The previous comments were miscommunication he says. It is simply on a long-winded backorder...

Thur July 23
What is Kodak's "Project X"? And what is this viral video hiding? See it at the Insider.

Wedn July 22
Germany website recaps the latest situation with Samsung, NX-series and Optronik-Tec who will be making their lenses.

Tue July 21
PhotoClubAlpha has a detailed discussion of what the three new Sony dSLR names might mean.

Mon July 20
And some name-leakage, the next three Sony dSLRs will be named A500, A550 and A850. This was on an official Sony website. However, only the names were revealed, no specs, nothing else!

Fuji-land leakage! The Fuji F70 with smoking gun and perhaps an S200fs. More in this rumor alert on the front-page of the blog.

Is the Canon 70-200 f2.8 Lens getting discontinued? Signs point to yes says Canon Rumors.

In dream-land, the Micro Four Thirds forum at dpreview is discussing a Japanese dreamorama of an alleged Panasonic GL1, a new alleged M43 digital camera.

Sun July 19
This is more dreamland than a rumor, but here it goes in the dpreview forums, the "Nikon MX" project is alleged a 25mp full-frame rangefinder. We can all dream!

Let's not forget the Pentax 645D medium format camera which has been on and off the pipeline says the PentaxDSLRs blog of Yvon B.

Thur July 16
Is the Ricoh GRD III coming? That's what a discussion of a couple of days ago in the Ricoh Forums is hinting!

Tue July 14
New tidbits from Korea on the NX-series but also the compacts. Discussed on the rumor update on the front page of the blog.

The Imaging Insider has spotted a new set of Canon 60D rumors, these ones talking about a 12mp APS-H sensor and a $2000 price-tag. We don't know what to make of this, considering that the APS-C Canon 50D has 15mp. Could it be that Canon is showing megapixel-restraint? Canon?

Mon July 13
Thom Hogan has posted his version of a speculative Nikon roadmap covering the next couple of years. More on this at this Nikon rumor update on the front page of the blog.

Fri July 10
The Fake Chuck Westfall reacts to the alleged Nikon roadmap and then goes on a filibuster. The blogosphere did not have 60 votes, so he kept going :-)

Thur July 9
While the roadmap makes the rounds on the internets, and even makes it on the front page of TechMeme, Thom Hogan points out that this looks like fan-fiction more than anything else. See the July 9 entries on his website.

Wedn July 8
An alleged Nikon roadmap is generating increased speculation among the Nikonians. More at this blog update.

Did Michael Jackson alter announcement plans for a couple of camera manufacturers asks the Imaging Insider.

Is the Sony A700 discounted in Japan? There is a long discussion in the dpreview forums.

Pixsylated posts their wishlist for Canon Speedlites. had a temporary web-hosting snafu, they should back up in a few hours, fear not, they will be back!

Tue July 7
Sony has announced some new camcorders today, and PhotoClubAlpha breaks it down from a photographer's perspective. The new Handycams include 3-dimensional shake reduction, CMOS R sensors, G-Lenses and "Bionic" engine. Read all about it at PCA. Of interest to rumor hunters? Will some of these technologies also make it to Sony Alphas or compacts?

From the forum-sphere, someone at a Korean trade-show claims he has touched a camera named Samsung NX-10 and saw three Samsung-brnaded lenses. Details at this Samsung NX10 rumor alert.

July 7 is here but there is no Samsung announcement yet. One possibility is that the date was not for the public, but for the industry-partners and/or press. Similar as you may recall to that old Pentax Dubai event that turned out to be a press event, not the official announcement of the K20D.

Does the inclusion of Cosina/Voigtlander classic lenses at an official Olympus site signal that there is more to it, or is it just that? We blog, they decide!

And some comic relief at the french forum A "limited edition" Canon 1D Mark IV. Again, this one is an atttempt at comedy, a joke, a parody, satire, etc. I hope I put in enough speed-bumps for the speed-readers!

Mon July 6
Canon Rumors has a couple of updates, on a potential G-series type of a camera with an APS-C sensor and the return of the mythical EOS 3D (rumors).

Sun July 5
The rumorsville suggests that July 7 (Tuesday) will be a big announcement day for Samsong, with both a dSLR, an NX-series "Hybrid" and a superzoom announced. speculates on what we may see from the Olympus camera that follows up on the E-P1.

Sat July 4
It looks like two new Sony Cybershots with the new CMOS sensor have been leaked at retail. Details at this frontpage post.

Fri July 3
The Canon G10 price has started trending downwards, even though the LX3 is nowhere to be seen and there is no direct competitor or challenger. It is currently down to $445 at Does that mean we have started orbiting Planet G10-Replacement? The G10 was announced in September 2008, while the G9 was announced in August 2007.

Thur July 2
A rumor about the upcoming Leica M9 sensor, and a very nice summary of the mid-June Leica Chief Talks in this new rumor update on the front page of the blog.

Wedn July 1
Thom Hogan speculates on the 2009-2010 Nikon DSLR line-up on his website!

Tue June 30
The original article of the D3000 leak we mentioned yesterday has been removed from the LensTip website! You can still find it with the google cache.

Why is the Leica S2 listed as discontinued asks the Imaging Insider? UPDATE: This was just a computer-glitch. The status has been corrected.

Mon June 29
Alleged picture of a Nikon D3000 dSLR shows up at polish website and gets analyzed. Coverage on the front page of the blog.

Sat June 27
A new set of rumored specs for the Canon XS/1000D replacement have surfaced.

Fri June 26
Thom Hogan speculates on the future (or rather the lack thereof) of the D60 DSLR and what new Coolpixies we might see at the next Nikon announcement.

Thur June 25
In his review of the Nikon D5000, Terry White mentions that people should not read anything into his purchase of the D5000 and sale of the D300 by him and Scott Kelby. He simply wanted a DSLR with Video capabilities, as he already owns the D700 for his stills photography.

Wedn June 24
Canon Rumors has received information that claims that a Canon 2000D (T1) DSLR will be announced on June 30. This would be a follow-up to the 1000D (XS), and would serve as the "Robin" of the 500D/T1i "Batman".

Fuji has told PDN Pulse that there will be no Fuji DSLRs in 2009! And if you parse the statement, it doesn't look very bullish!

Tue June 23
Swedish website speculates and rumorizes on the upcoming Samsung NX-series camera model.

Mon June 22
A sign perhaps on where the future Olympus priorities lie? The four cameras chosen for "Touch & Try".

Sun June 21
Still no hard date on the Sigma SD15 according to the Sigma twitter. The answer came after a photographer twit-asked them.

Sat June 20
With Nikon having according to a Swedish magazine/website two press events on July 30 and August 4, what are we to expect from them? A forum discussion and a speculation spectacular discuss this.

Fri June 19
Sometimes the clearance deals can tell a story of what may be coming up! Currently J&R World has put the wireless Panasonic TZ50 on clearance for $230, which is about the same price as the Tz5. The TZ50 used to sell for about $100 more than the TZ5. Panasonic has annual announcements every July. Will they make a wireless version of the TZ7/ZS3, or was the TZ50 a one-off experiment?

Thur June 18
More on a potential 1D Mark IV at Canon Rumors. Are we starting to see a rumor-census emerging or is it too early for that?

Wedn June 17
Canon Rumors has posted a new rumor roundup of odds and ends.

Some Canon users are not happy with the latest 1D Mark IV rumors. Can Canon please them after the PR-hit they took with the 1DMk3 kerfuffle?

Tue June 16
Has Nikon D300S press material been leaked? Decide for yourselves in this D300s rumor alert at the main blog.

As part of their E-P1 preview, Four Thirds Photo was told by Olympus that their "top line" E3-users will not be left behind - there will be something for them - but obviously no details or specifics were given.

But the E-P1 itself is already available for pre-order.

Mon June 15
You can check out the built-up to, and the official announcements and previews of the Olympus E-P1 at our 15-hour countdown!

Olympus Japan has rescheduled the Japanese announcement to Tuesday PM Tokyo time.

Sun June 14: Leica edition
We have just now visited the L-Forums and caught up with the happenings of the last couple of days. Here is a summary:

+ M8.3 maybe at PMA 2010 - M9 FF "later" - Leica does not care about 4/3rds and M43rds.

+ There will be a full-frame EVF camera that will be compatible with R-series lenses

+ There will be no Leica R10 but you will have a way to use your R-series lenses on digital

Sun June 14
One person just left a comment in this Twitter account is now fanning the buzz about the E-P1 in some of his tweets. But no revelations (yet).

All apologies for the boldovision on this post on Friday and Saturday. There was an undetected HTML error that made everything below this post appear in bold. It has now been corrected. Lenscrafters coupons will be handed out to everyone affected by this ;)

Fri June 12
Patience is a virtue when it comes to waiting for the Olympus M43 big bang, but one photographer pulled out the crayons and made a drawing on flickr.

Thur June 11
The 100-product big bang virus may have bitten Canon too, points out Canon Rumo(u)rs.

Tue June 9
Don't count out APS-H just yet says one of the sources at Canon Rumors. Canon has been the only one (so far?) in the "modern era" to use APS-H sensors.

Mon June 8
A period of "rapid change" says Thom Hogan. Does that only refer to his website updates or to new excitement coming in the world of Nikon? He also has a survey for Nikonians to fill-in. As usual, there are no direct links to his posts, so you have to dig for them in the Archives if you are not reading this in the next couple of days.

Sat June 6
Is the Alpha A380 coming with the SilkyPix software? There's something that points in that direction says Photo Club Alpha.

Fri June 5
Looks like there was an Olympus Micro Four Thirds camera picture leakage in Hong Kong. More via this rumor alert update.

Thur June 4
And now some speculation: The price drops of the Fuji S100fs are accelerating. Now as low as $423 shipped at Amazon. Is a Fuji-replacement announcement coming up?

Wedn June 3
Is the 5DMk2 + 24-105L kit only with us for a limited time? That's what one photographer was told by a major retailer.

Has the name Canon 60D been officially leaked or was it a typo? has the details.

Mon June 1
Will there be 1D action from Canon in 2009? talks rumors and expectations.

Sun May 31
A new rumor from Japan, thanks to our reader Dilan, says that Sony is planning two new SAM lenses to go with the Alpha A500/A550 and two full-framers.

Sat May 30
There is no K30D says an alleged Pentax employee in the Pentaxforums forums. One of the forum users there comes up with a smart idea: give all the future Pentax DSLRs model numbers that are prime numbers. That sounds like a cool-geeky-mathy type of a thing that could be a good fit for the Pentax "alternative" to the establishment approach to doing things.

Thur May 28
New rumor from the Dyxum forums says Tokina is developing lenses for the Sony Alpha Minolta mount. Read all about it in this rumor update.

The Olympus Twitter'er encourages people to sign-up to the Micro Four Thirds email list. Cynics would ask: Is there an email newsletter leak in the works? :-)

And a speculation thread in the Pentax dpreview forums on the potential of a K200D replacement.

Tue May 26
AlphaTracks opines on the latest A500 and A550 name leaks and, to paraphrase, says things in the leak-view mirror may be different than they appear.

Harley Davidson, Elton John, Olympus and Micro Four Thirds are blended together at this meta-rumor post at TOP.

Mon May 25
Is a more affordable version of the A900 sensor coming in the Alpha world? The dpreview forums point to a Quesabesde interview for that! More on this at this rumoralia blog post.

And more Sony Talk, this thread analyzes the market analysts reports on Sony et al in the DSLR market.

Sun May 24
What's in a name? Two new Sony Alpha DSLR names, the A500 and A550. Details via this rumor update on the front page of the blog.

We forgot to mention this, as part of this post at the Online Photographer, TOP was told by Pentax that the K20D would be discontinued in the next couple of months.

Fri May 22
The Digital Journal of Photography blog at Blogspot has some tidbits on the upcoming Olympus M43 camera from an undisclosed source who has seen something.

Nikon super-guru Thom Hogan has posted a new update talking Nikon supply issues. Look for it under May 22 on his website if you are reading this at a later date. There are no direct links to individual posts.

One blogger thinks (speculation, not a rumor) that one or more camera companies will go down. Is it Debbie Downer Friday?

Thur May 21
One dpreview forum member says he was informed by a dealer that the G1 is no longer made. Note that this is a rumor, not an official statement!

Wedn May 20
The Pentax K7 countdown with even more revealed about the K7, including prices, specs, press release, and more! pays a ten-page tribute to the Olympus Pen. This is not digital and not a rumor, but rather, because the new Olympus Micro 4/3rds is going to be compared often to the Pen, this is a good time to refresh or catch-up with the Olympus Pen legacy.

Tue May 19
We continue with the countdown to the Pentax announcement!

Thom Hogan speculates on the Nikon supply issues, including the D300 and potential D400 arrival time. If you are reading this at a later date, look for it in his archives. Thom still uses a very Web 1.0 website style, so you can't pin-point individual posts.

The Royal Mounties have allowed passage! What? Check Galbraith's.

Mon May 18
Ricehigh has revealed the Pentax K7 specifications along with half a dozen pictures of the camera body and battery grip! Check it out NOW!

OK1000 opines on what has become K7 Beatle-mania!

Coincidence or not, Olympus continues to make noise about the old Pen cameras, drawing perhaps more indirectly speculative links between them and their upcoming M43 releases. This one is for the 50th anniversary. See it through Look for the May 17 entry, the Benetton camera bags. The Pen anniversary is just above it. No relation to the Benetton bags, but because there isn't a direct link to that post, we are using the Benetton bags as a visual anchor.

Sun May 17
The cat is decidedly out of the bag, and the bag has been disintegrated! Check out more on the new Alphas with four new lenses including two new digital primes, two kit lenses, and a new affordable flash.

If you can't keep track of all the Pentax K7 leaked and imaging pictures, Rice High points us to a new flickr pool filled with K7 pixies.

This is not a rumor or speculation, but more a wish-list for a Panasonic L-series update. As you may recall, there are/were two Panasonic L-series DSLRs under Four Thirds, but for the moment, Panasonic has shifted its focus to Micro Four Thirds.

Sat May 16
The dpreview forums are buzzing over a mystery button. Is that the one that turns on your coffee machine remotely? :)

And some dreaming of lens-camelot in the PentaxForums - a 30mm f1 (one) DA* lens :)

Thur May 14 (correction!)
This is attempt at comedy we presume Ned Bunnell (?) A Pentax fan created this (visit him on Twitter), not Ned. So treat this purely as comedy: it says the camera will have mp3 capability and the camera's LCD screen will serve as a strobe light.

Cancel this speculation: But apart from comedy, is there a hidden message in this? While the mp3 playback is an obvious joke, I'm getting the feeling that the "strobe light/LCD display" may be hinting at something?

See it at Oddcast via the dpreview forums via CrunchGear.

Wedn May 13
If you don't follow rumoralia on a regular basis, we created a little summary recap of what is expected.

And Olympus and Micro Four Thirds fans have some real news today, Olympus Japan says June 15 is announcement day.

A picture of the front and back of the camera has surfaced in the Pentax Forums mega-thread and it is further discussed in Cateto's blog.

Mon May 11
If you haven't followed any Pentax K7 rumors the last four days, you are in luck! We just posted a 4-day roundup.

Sun May 10
Canon Rumors has an updated rumor on a 1D Mark IV, which all parties hope that it will get to a better start than the Mark III.

Sat May 9
More speculation on the new Alphas by another Sonolta-specalizing blog at Alpha Tracks and includes talk of potential video feature, AF-motor, and size-vs-compatibility trade-offs.

Pentax has set a time-horizon for the official announcement, which is 9am New York City time on Wednesday May 20. You can catchup with the latest speculation and picture-analysis at the PentaxForums forums.

Fri May 8
More on the upcoming Alphas from the Sonolta-specialist blog Photo Club Alpha. I'm sure camera reviewers are cringing at the thought of having three more DSLRs to review in 2009 :)

Thur May 7
Olympus teases its upcoming Micro Four Thirds products. Details via Serious Compacts.

Wedn May 6
DPInterface says they have been working on "hot camera". the question is, is it one that has been announced already, or one that is coming up? We do not know...

Tue May 5
The official "Get Olympus" Twitter says the upcoming Olympus Micro Four Thirds camera is "worth waiting for".

There is a rumor discussed in the PentaxForums, that Pentax may be leaving Canada, or reducing its presence there. This is a seven-page discussion. Again, please note that this is a rumor, not an official announcement. Did we mention it is a rumor?

Mon May 4
More Sony, this Twitter page insists that there are three new Sony Alpha DSLRs coming, the A230, A330 and A380. Now this may seem random, but the Twitter account comes from the marketing intelligence firm GAP Intelligence. Just like everything else, please treat them as rumors until or unless they are officially announced.

Foto Actualidad notices that there is a heavily discounted Alpha A350 bundle offered by Adorama, another small sign perhaps that the A300/A350 replacement(s) are getting closer.

Spanish website rumorizes that the Leica S2 MeFo (medium format) will be coming out with a price tag somewhere between 18000 and 20000 euro. Release date is speculated to be September or October, 2009 we presume :)

PDN Pulse speculates on the future of the Kindle and e-publishing. Of great interest to photographers if e-readers add color and improve readability, because this could open the door to photography, and also for displaying or selling your photography through that!

Sun May 3
Oh those pesky support sites. They always leak model names. And now they have leaked the Sony Alpha A330 DSLR model name and two lenses. No specs were leaked, just the name and product codes.

Meanwhile, Canon Rumors has some new rumors on a potential 60D, which of course would be following up on the 50D.

Sat May 2
We just recapped the last three days of "action" in the K7 rumor-world, here they are in this rumor catchup.

The Insider picked up a rumor talking Leica D-Lux 4 cancellation. Of course rumors are rumors and camera companies can sometimes do the darnest things, so you can never really know.

Fri May 1
This is a meta-post, you can has your own domain, it is available for sale right now for $5K!

G. Dan Mitchell speculates on the future, full-frame DSLRs, and affordable medium formats. Please note this is speculation, not rumors.

Thur April 30
We all want to believe, which is why people give the benefit of the doubt to wild rumors or fantasies or fakes, such as this Sony 80-400mm f1.4 lens. This is dissected in the Sony SLR Talk forum.

Wedn April 29
Weather resistant lenses and new body parts are the latest revelations in the on-going Pentax K7 leakathon.

Pentaxian Yvon B. is under NDA and can't reveal any specs or details, but here seems to be happy about Pentax. Perhaps a sign of an exciting new release? :)

New Canon rebates are coming! See Canon Rumors for some early details!

Tue April 28
The chatter for a Canon 1D Mark IV is slowly picking momentum, the latest via Canon Rumors.

Mon April 27
Rumors and speculation, en espanol, in this new post at Quesabesde. It appears to be talking about the future of the Canon 1D series and how competitive it will be to the Nikon D3.

Sun April 26
More from Ned, in the same post, be sure to check it out again, he talks about full-frame vs not-FF, and setting realistic expectations about the upcoming release, and 12-15mp is what most of us really need.

Sat April 25
Ned Bunnell meta-opines on the various Pentax rumors and "excitement" in the forums. It is nice to see company executives actually listening and getting involved in the conversation. No, he did not reveal any specs, unless you know how to read in-reverse, and take the 1st letter of a fibonacci series constructed by the double integral of the prime numbers generated using the Drake equation. Once you decipher that, the specs are pretty obvious ;-) twitted that the Pentax Spain website has a live countdown clock for the next K-series camera. Note that the Pentax Espana site re-adjusts your browser size. There are 55 Ronny James Dios (days), 9 hours, 27 minutes, and 20 seconds. It looks like they have the revelation time down to the centisecond. I kid you not!

Imaging Insider features a new LX5 rumor and adds two tidbits of their own on what to expect next as follow-ups of the LX3/DLux4.

Rice High is convinced of some of the Pentax K7 specs. Yes, the new name is K7, goodbye K7D :)

Fri April 24
Based on some new observations, we can now predict that the #2 camera at the Online Photographer is going to be the new Pentax to be revealed next month. Please note that this is a speculative prediction, not a rumor and not a fact! This also means that the camera will not be just a sequential follow-up to the K20D. And while it is wise not to get overly excited and have wild expectations (see Yvon's post below), it looks like we may get a welcome surprise from Pentax.

He knows! He knows about the upcoming Pentax DSLR, but he cant' talk :( He is NDA-bound. Pentaxian blogger Yvon Bourque has just posted on his blog regarding the rumoralia.

There is a variety of product announcements (non-camera related) from Panasonic the last few days. Granted, they are a very big company, and camera-wise they usually have two big announcements early in the year and July, but don't be shocked if something camera-related is announced in the next few days.

A photographer attending a trade-show in Moscow was told by a Fuji representative that Fuji is working on a DSLR-sized version of the SuperCCD-EXR sensor, but don't expect it to come out right away.

Thur April 23
Is the Pentax K7D a fake? That's what Pentax Europe told Kamera Berich, a German-language camera news website. Note the comment at the bottom of the page.

One picture that has not been analyzed yet in the forums, but may reveal big Pentax secrets is "the shadow" at Ned Buunell's blog. Which camera is hiding in the shadow? And can you extrapolate the size and features of the camera by what is missing from the shadows? ;-) Is the shadow big enough for a K1D? Is that a more square body? Is it a K7D? Analyze the shadows and you shall discover the truth ;-)

CNet Asia is spotlighting a couple of old-school looking digital camera concepts for Nikon Coolpix. Please note that these are not products nor official Nikon statements.

Wedn April 22
An overlay of the new body picture and the Pentax K10D reveals (perhaps) the actual size of the new camera. Be sure to check out page #49, post #732 for the exciting new picture, and follow the ensuing discussion and speculation.

Tue April 21
The Pentax K7D is coming! The K7D is coming! The PentaxForums mega-thread has been updated with confirmation from Austria. It will be officially announced during the third week of May. One month to go!

Mon April 20
Put on your Sherlock Holmes hats for this one! Nikon has a new promotional campaign for the D700 in Japan (computer-translated) that ends on August 2nd, 2009. Is there something coming on August 3rd? :-)

On the Canon front, CanonRumors has another tidbit that may (or may not) point in the direction of the 1D Mark IV wheels being in motion.

No new leaked pictures today, but a well-known German e-tailer is taking pre-orders for the mystery camera for 1500 euro. Discussion and speculation continues in the PentaxForums which is seeing close to record ratings as the Pentax mystery continues.

On the Sony front, Alphans in the dpreview forums dissect a rumor about an Alpha A500 like a frog, and point out a lot of things that don't compute, including the picture of the alleged body. Another forum user was told of an A700 replacement next month by his dealer. We do not know if the store had the A700 in-stock when they made that statement :)

A custom-grip is coming for the D-Lux 4 says Leica Rumours.

Sun April 19
There is more in the Pentax DSLR leakage, now the picture is not blurry, and there could be one (may be two) new DSLRs shown. Check it out in this rumor update.

Sat April 18
Canon Rumors has round-up a variety of 1D Mark IV rumors, including a fake picture of such an alleged cameras.

Thur April 16
A new blurry Pentax picture has sparked a new wave of discussions in the phorums (photography + forums = phorums), rounded-up in this Blurry update.

The R-word is causing delays, delays in Canon's upcoming new plant - more at Canon Rumors.

Wedn April 15
Thom Hogan speculates about a digital FM-series like camera. Please note that this is speculation, not a rumor. Check for it at his website under April 9, 2009. For more on the difference between rumor and speculation, announcement and release, and things like that, be sure to check out our recent terminology special.

More speculation, this time on the Oly front, where the Olympians are competing in the 150-meter E3-replacement Speculationathon.

It must be a taxing day over at the British Journal of Photography as they saw two new Nikon DSLRs announced. The rest of the world only saw the D5000. But the BJoP also saw a "semi-pro". Confusion or change of plans by Nikon?

Tue April 14
Is something leaking in Pentaxville? Rice High has found a blurry shot of what may be a new Pentax DSLR.

Mon April 13
Both the Nikon D5000 DSLR and the new 10-24mm DX lens are now officially announced by Nikon all over the world.

Recapping the Nikon D5000 Japanese leak.

Is there a T1 coming to be the sidekick of the T1i/500D and create even further naming confusion? That's what one rumor says at Canon Rumo(u)rs.

Sat April 11
One forum user finds a page that not only lists a Canon 60D but also a Canon 70D. See it discussed in this thread. The page discussed mentions 8fps for the 60D and 12fps for the 70D.

Fri April 10
Canon Rumors has received a rumor tidbit on the autofocus system of a potential EOS 60D DSLR.

Samsung posts an official video showing an NX camera rotating and rotating. Oh what a big lens it has!

Mon April 6
A commercial photoshoot turned out into a leak of a Nikon DSLR with an articulating (swiveling) LCD display. Continue reading.

Fri April 3
Canon Rumors has a rumor tidbit on the shape of things to come.

Thur April 2
Samsung got us excited with the possibility of perhaps a leak of two new fun-zooms, but upon further investigation, they appear to be clones of their two 2009 models, the HZ10w and HZ15w.

Yvon explains why the 645D may be helpful for the future of all Pentax DSLRs.

Wedn April 1 (computer-translated) goes wild with all sorts of April Fool's day fake (made-up) digital camera "announcements".

Samsung estimates a 12.5% global market share in digital cameras in 2009, up from a 10.4% in 2008, keeping it steady at the #3 spot says Reuters.

The Australian PMA trade show is late June. Details via the Insider. Of rumoralia interest, because some manufacturers may (or may not) use that trade show as a launching pad for new products.

Tue March 31
Samsung announced 13 new digital cameras in Korea says the Imaging Insider. As far as we can tell, most of the models mentioned in the aforementioned article have already been announced, but the Samsung stock went up 12% according to the article at the Insider, which raises the question, did they reveal something else to the Korean market? You can "decipher" the different Samsung camera names in the list of New Digital Cameras in 2009.

Some photography magazines in financial troubles says the Insider.

Mon March 30
Olympus Micro Four Thirds rumors are discussed in this dpreview forum thread.

Swedish website Kamera & Bild says there is a Nikon press conference scheduled for April 14, 2009. What could it be? In the worse case scenario, we'll find out in two weeks or so.

Sun March 29
Rice High has some speculation on the 645D based on some older prototype pictures found online.

Sat March 28
No DSLR-Video from Sony right now says Sony guy to Focus Numerique but maybe in the future. Also no to smaller-form-factor system like M4/3rds or NX. To paraphrase, Sony wants a wall separating compacts and DSLRs. Of course companies will usually deny everything until or unless they have something official, so grain of salt is a must. But the interview is with a Sony Japan marketing guy, so it carries more weight than interviewing some random non-Japan representative.

Fri March 27
The "vailed Olympus" made an appearance at PIE in Japan. A picture and long discussion in the Olympus dpreview forum. What is under the blue cloth? And can anyone with cloth textures expertise extrapolate based on the shape of the cloth on how the camera looks like? :-) (assuming of course there is a camera under the blue cloth and not a stuffed teddy bear).

Some interesting tidbits and non-answers in a brand new interview with Samsung by Amateur Photographer UK. Camera expected in early part of H2 (second half of the year).

Thur March 26
Is Nikon coming out with a 10-24mm DX lens? See dpreview forums.

Pictures of Fuji's 3D stuff from PIE in Japan via focus numerique.

Thom Hogan speculates on Capture NX2 and the possibility of a new camera coming out with NRW. See his entry under March 26.

Tue March 24
The existence of a Digital Rebel T1i DSLR is picture of what might be the new Canon 500D, the new "flagship" Digital Rebel?

This Olympus dpreview thread discusses the possibility of an E450 DSLR coming next month. However, one of the elder statesmen of the forum seems to hint that there is no such thing coming. Let's not forget that one of the rumors earlier talked of five Olympus DSLRs this year, which if you add M43rds it could get there.

Mon March 23 has received an anonymous rumor talking CMOS sensors and G-series cameras.

Another not-ruling-out interview has generated buzz in the Pentax World. Nothing concrete is revealed however.

The PIE trade show tips off in Tokyo from March 26 to March 29 says What new announcements will it bring us?

Thom Hogan has written a "Post PMA blues" update on his website. Unfortunately there is no direct link to individual posts or segments of his website, so if you are not reading this anytime soon, you will have to search for it in the site's Archives.

Ctein has just posted an article on the shape of things to come at TOP. This is more of an R&D-talk post, not rumors, but it is definitely of interest.

Thur March 19
UPDATE: The Nikon D400 rumor at Nikon Rumors turned out to be fake. That of course doesn't change what a potential D400 DSLR might be, but the person who submitted the screenshots confessed to faking the screehshot of the website leak.

Wedn March 18
A new rumor we have received points to a 15mp Canon 500D DSLR with high-definition video recording, and things like that, coming out on March 25.

Sat March 14
Rice High points to a very interesting article discussing Samsung/NX. Even though the article is coming Samsung's home country of Korea, it is tearing Samsung a new one - to put it mildly! The "SLR traditionalists" are out in full force ;-)

Fri March 13
Juicy is the one word that describes the Simion Joinsion interview with Samsung where they discuss the lens mount, the relationship with Pentax, and a lot more. There are still questions left unanswered, but some of them do get answered by Samsung, at least partially! A must read interview!

It looks like Olympus wanted the PMA spotlight to shine on the E620, which is why more Micro Four Thirds tidbits are trickling after the show. The latest one, via the Imaging Insider, says that a "high-end" M4/3rds from Olympus is not (you guessed it) ruled out in the (not-near) future.

On a totally unrelated note, we, here at 1001 Noisy cameras are not ruling out releasing a brand new digital camera that will take lenses from every single mount out there and offer interchangeable sensors and focusing systems. We are also not ruling out the possibility of a flying along-side a flock of pigs ;-)

Thur March 12 has found a reputable listserv post that says the next Nikon DSLR will be DX.

Also in Nikon-Land, a concept element-proof camera design was leaked on the internets, see details via the Nikonians.

Wedn March 11, 2009
We start with the Japanese PIE 2009 trade show coming up, from March 26 to 29, 2009 in Japan. A lot of the PMA-announced cameras were not officially announced in Japan, so we will see their Japanese "annies" (bad shortcut for "announcements") there.

And what do you know, there is a rumor buzzing for a Canon DSLR announcement on March 25. Funny how the dates work out :) thinks this will be a new Digital Rebel DSLR.

Swedish website writes about a Leica R10 in January 2010. Our computer-translated Swedish is not very good, but it seems to indicate that the camera will piggy-back on the technological advances made for the S2-camera and system and it will have *gasp* modern day luxuries, like soap, water and ...autofocus :)

Cancel the medium format panic says Leaf. PDN Pulse has the details, including an official statement from Leaf. On the other hand, the troubles of these MF companies may cause favorable synergies for the new Leica S2 system?

What about us say the Pentaxians? The Pentax-DSLRs-blogspot blog (not affiliated with Pentax) talks about a Japanese interview with a Hoya-Pentax representative. Something is coming in the summer, but it's not quite clear what that something might be.

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