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February 22, 2009

The Photo Blogging Oscars - Oscar Nite at Noisy, 2009 edition

It is Oscar Night tonight, but before we find out who won the moving-pictures, it is time to give some still-picture awards, more specifically, Camera and Photography Blogging Oscars!

The winners were chosen using the same methodology as the Oscars - we ordered the same dart-board they use :-)

Camera Review site of the Year: Photo Review Australia
While there are a number of bigger and more-read camera review sites, Photo Review won this award by providing consistent reviews with measurable and repeatable data. The consistency along with their "to-the-point" approach, and lack of fluff, and lack of perceived bias by photographers, gets them the e-Oscar!

Camera Executive street-cred: Ned Bunnell with Leica D-Lux 4
If you read the various photography forums, you will notice that photographers are frustrated with camera manufacturers behaving as if each company exists in their own orthogonal bubble. So it was really really really refreshing to see a camera executive (Ned Bunnell of Pentax) be a real-world photographer by talking about how he liked a different maker's camera.

Best documentary blog-post on photographer gallery abuse: Thomas Hawk on flickr's delete-priority policies
A number of photographers have found the hard way, that even if you are a paying member, flickr can wipe out your account, in some cases without even a warning or reason, and even worse, they can't (or won't) restore it even if it was deleted in error.

The Inspired-by-Ken-Rockwell Award: Luminous Landscape for their "G10 better than MF article"
A number of people thought that Luminous had gone into Ken-Rockwell-mode when they wrote their post on the Canon G10 versus Medium Format. Some people still do, although, obviously, LL's comments and arguments are much more complicated than that.

Professional Photographer Blog: David Ziser's Digital Pro Talk
David Ziser has created a very well-balanced blog that offers photographers of all experience levels with interesting and educational content at the same time. He manages to balance photography-tips, his experience as a professional photographer, and discussion of topics of general interest.

Pixel-peepiential Award: DXOMark
DXOMark is providing waves and waves of pixel-peepiential data for pixel-peepers to pixel-peep about. If you hear the sound of "peep peep" late at night, it's probably a pixel-peeper comparing DXOMark data ;-)

Most Bang for the Word: foto-biz
Foto-Biz has the most bang for each word, as they have a very unique, compact and concise style of writing. Very few other blogs are able to say so much with so few words!

Most News You Can Use: Imaging Insider
If you are looking for a wide-angle view of the world of camera, photography and imaging news, Imaging Insider provides that with a variety of topics and sources, featuring websites and blogs big and small.

Most photo-bang for the camera-buck: Lightscrape with the LX3
Very few photo-bloggers get as much mileage out of their digital cameras as Lightscrape with the LX3. There's a constant stream of new pictures, with thoughts, commentary and tips on using the camera!

Lifetime Achievement Award: A Digital Eye
Once upon a time, ADE was one of the "Big Six" camera review sites, but they stopped publishing new content many years ago, and in a case of synchronicity perhaps, their last review was the Sony R1, the last attempt by any of the major camera manufacturers to make a seriously-serious fixed-lens camera.

Freebie of the Year Award: SmugMug for mailing free Straps
SmugMug wins this technical Oscar for providing photographers (free of charge) promotional camera straps. This is a simple, yet practical freebie, which is why it received the Oscar.

Bloggers fight Sploggers award: Pixsylated
Pixsylated wins this technical Oscar for their work in defending photography bloggers from having their work stolen and abused by spammers and scrappers!

Splogger of the year
We have plenty in mind, but we don't want to give them any free publicity, so the envelope containing the award winner remains secure at an undisclosed location.

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