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February 22, 2009

Sigma DP2 pre-production model at Focus on Imaging

Sigma fans wake up from the wait-sleep! There is some new news on the Sigma DP2! Check out Sigma User EU - they have attended the "Focus on Imaging" trade show in Birmingham, UK, and there, they managed to get their hands on a pre-production Sigma DP2. Plenty of pictures of the camera body and early opinion based on the pre-production firmware. No actual sample pictures from the camera however, since this is a pre-production camera. Find out what they found out at Sigma User!

You can also discuss this in the dpreview Shiguma forum.

The Sigma DP2 was announced Sigma-style around Photokina 2008, about half a year after the Sigma founder told the Amateur Photographer UK in March 2008 that a DP2 and DP3 were coming. No word on a DP3, but based on what the Sigma founder said then, the DP3 could be a model with a zoom lens. But let's not forget, we are on Sigma-time, don't expect these to be "churned out" Canon-style. Patience is a must-have virtue when it comes to Sigma-Foveon products :)

And another update from the trade show from a different photographer.

For more rumored and upcoming cameras, be sure to check the PMA 2009 Rumors and Speculation page.

Update: Shown at PMA 2009
The Sigma DP2 was shown at PMA 2009 and Amateur Photographer UK has managed to get Sigma to reveal a time-frame which says a US release in March (of this year) but months later in the UK market.

Update #2: Available for pre-order
The camera is now available for pre-order for the price of $650 at Adorama.

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