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February 26, 2009

Rumor: New Sony HX1 superzoom coming at PMA 2009?

Two different sources are indicating that Sony will announce the HX1 superzoom digital camera at PMA 2009. We already mentioned one source in the PMA page, this dpreview forum discussion, but now a popular spanish-speaking gadget blog, Gizmologia talks of the DSC-HX1 as well! The Gizmologia post mentions a new panorama mode which is not mentioned in the dpreview rumor, so we are assuming these are two separate sources.

The specs are typical of a 20X super-zoom, however, they also mention a 9mp CMOS sensor and 10fps burst mode with a buffer of 100. It is not mentioned whether these are at full resolution. Casio already offers a quartet of speed-demons, two superzooms and two compacts.

Just like all the other rumors posted here, please treat them as rumors until or unless they are no longer rumors :-)

Update at PMA: The camera is for real!
The camera is real! Here is the official announcement recap at PMA 2009!

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