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February 15, 2009

Review Train (Olympus E30, Pentax K2000, Ricoh R10, and more)

DSLR Reviews
The Olympus E30 gets a duo of new reviews, first up, by DC Resource, in their traditional long-page format, and then a bite-size in-progress review at ephotozine.

Next up, Steve's Digicams takes a look at the Darth Vader (not Storm Trooper) color of the Pentax K2000 K-m DSLR. Don't be scared away by the press release at the starting page, jump to the other pages for more!

Then Rice High spotlights a chinese comparison of the Pentax K20D versus the Samsung version which is the GX-20.

And for the completists out there, there was also the dpreview review of the 5D Mark II which we spotlighted in its own "impact review" segment.

Compact Reviews
Steve's Digicams zooms away with the Canon SX10 IS, Canon's latest superzoom hot seller.

Let's Go! Let's go take a look at the let's go review of the Samsung NV24. The Samsung NV-series is promising, but not promising enough to make the jump and challenge the usual suspects in the eyes of the mythical average photographer.

A potential camera for those who must have RAW is the Panasonic FX150, reviewed by Digital Camera Review. One issue with this camera is that it uses a 15-megapixel 1/1.72" sensor, which puts the "o" in overkill, but at least it offers RAW.

We will not decipher the whole Sony T-series family tree, but we will point you to the review of the cutesy Cybershot T500 at DP Interface. A direct competitor, and perhaps clone at some level is the Nikon S60VR which looks rather royal in the crimson red body option. The S60 was recently reviewed at Photoxels.

And we move to the entry-level cameras, where ephotozine and Trusted Reviews tried out the new Panasonic FS7, which is one of the affordable options in the FS-series.

And speaking of Trusted Reviews, we conclude this round-up with their take on the Ricoh R10 which as you may recall was torn to shreds by dpreview, just like the tore the Pentax K2000 to shreds - at least that's what Ricoholics and Pentaxians will tell you :)

So what did Trusted Reviews think? Did they agree with dpreview? No spoilers here :-)

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