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February 08, 2009

Review Train (K2000 again, Canon SX1 noise tests, Panasonics, etc)

Two days ago we posted a full-frame DSLR review round-up, now it is time to round-up more noteworthy reviews from the last few days.

Spotlight test: Canon SX1 ISO tests
Camera Labs invites everyone to come on feel the noise as they compare the noise performance of the Canon SX1 (CMOS sensor), with the SX10 IS (traditional CCD) and the Digital Rebel XSi 450D. This is quite interesting because everyone is curious as to how the compact-camera-sized Canon CMOS sensors are to perform. This test is part of their upcoming review, but this test alone we think is very interesting for those interested in S&N (sounds naughty but it's really Sensors and Noise).

DSLR Reviews
We start with the 5D mark II review at Digital Camera Info, which came out shortly after we posted the previous update.

The K2000 may be coming in Star Wars colors, but some Pentaxians may think that dpreview is Pentax's Darth Vader ;-) With that as a preface here is the Pentax K2000 K-m review at, available in english and french. Rumor has it they are also working on a Klingon translation!

The Olympus E520 is one of the best bang for the buck DSLRs at the moment, and perhaps that's what prompted Laptop Magazine to review it. They loved its Centrino dual-core processor and were thrilled by the performance of its NVidia card ;-)

Compact Reviews
We discovered this through Serious Compacts - a review of the whole Canon G-series at, going from the G1 to the G10. This is a must-read, and a very creative way to review cameras. It's a break from the monotonous formulaic style of reviews we see on a regular basis. So a tip of the hat to PixInfo.

Speaking of Canon G-series, Imaging Resource has completed their G10 review. No spoilers here either!

Next, we have a short review, short enough to qualify for an award at the Sundance Film festival ;-) Here is the LX3 review at Tech Radar.

The DPInterface segment
Olympus has stepped away from weatherproofing their non-Tough Stylus line-up, so now they are just like any other camera, except they are "blessed" with the xD memory card. So how did this 7X Stylus do? This? Oh yes, the Stylus Mju Mew 1060, reviewed by DP Interface.

And speaking of DPI, they have a survey on their front page, asking whether you prefer single-page reviews (one giant page like DC-Resource, or multi-page reviews (eg dpreview). The poll is at the top of the middle column on their front page.

More DPI, if you are caught between the wide-angle-Elph du jour (Canon SD880 IS (Ixus 870 IS?)) and the 25mm-wide Panasonic FX37, they have written up a SD880-is vs FX37 comparison. This is not out of thin air, they have reviewed both cameras, with their Panasonic FX37 review coming out three days ago.

Review Frustrations?
When reading through the forums it's not uncommon to hear photographers being frustrated with what "passes" as a review these days. So perhaps our next contest should be: Who can write the best camera review using only the press release? :-)

We still have about a dozen reviews to add to the DSLR Review Organizer. Can we has 30 hours per day please? :)

Please don't forget not to take this blog too seriously!

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