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February 03, 2009

Review Train: Canon 5D Mark II (many), Pentax K2000/K-m, etc

Welcome to a new edition of the "Review Train", where we round-up some of the latest reviews out there. This edition is DSLR-heavy with just one token compact.

DSLR Reviews
Not once, but twice a review-lady! That's the Pentax K2000/K-m DSLR, receiving a review by What Digital Camera and also by dpreview, a review that created a few ...points of contention, and sparked a rant.

On the Nikon front, Steve's Digicams has posted reviews of both the D700 and D90 right at the same time. We covered those in a special impact review update.

Canon 5D Mark II Test & Reviews
This is quite possibly the shorted self-described review of the 5D Mark II by a camera/tech site. This also raises the point of what exactly is a review, and whether a two-page text-review by a camera/tech site is "enough" for a camera like the Canon 5D Mark II. Of course people can call anything they want anything-they-want, but that doesn't necessarily make it so in the eyes of everybody else. More on this in the future, but if you have any opinions, please let us know. This is one of the things we are struggling to define as we cover review/tests/etc on a regular basis.

More on the 5DMk2, Let's Go Digital took one of these in Bali, and they came back with their field report, sharing what they found after their real-world adventure with the camera.

Earlier on, the website of UK magazine WDC posted their own review, we are talking of course about the 9-page review by What Digital Camera.

And even earlier, a CNet-style review by one of the veteran camera reviewers there, see what Lori G. thought of the camera.

Token Compact Camera Review
We only have one "token" compact camera review in this round-up, InfoSyncWorld shares their opinion on the Panasonic FX150, a camera with RAW but more megapixels than pebbles on the beach.

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