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February 28, 2009

Review Train: 5DMk2, Olympus E30, Casio EX-FH20, Panasonic G1 et al

It's been a while since we had a review round-up, and with PMA getting started, it will probably get quiet in terms of reviews as all eyes will be on news from the trade-show floor.

Spotlight review: Canon A1000 IS at Imaging Resource
Imaging Resource has posted their review of the Canon A1000-IS, and they evaluated it as a basic P&S digital camera. While this is a tricky situation (remember the G7/GINO debates?), we were disappointed that Imaging Resource did not prominently mention the fact that Canon removed "PSAM" from the A-series and ruined one of the historic compact digital camera series.

However, the invisible hand of the market is spanking Canon for this, as the A-series models are getting IGNORED by buyers. As you can see from our top seller digital camera charts, is a Canon-friendly market-place, yet the A1000-IS and A2000-IS together made just one Top 25 appearance, while the lovely A590-IS has been perched at the #1 spot.

DSLR Reviews
We already mentioned the two brand new 5D Mark II reviews at Focus Numerique et Trusted Reviews. But these were not the only recent DSLR reviews!

With the announcement of the E620, the Olympus E30 became more interesting. Not for its looks but for its personality. More specifically, its sensor and engine :) So, here are three recent reviews, at PhotoReview, the Internet-Brands-powered Steve's Digicams and MacWorld by Derrick Story.

If you are an SLR-purist, please look away :) We finish with a just-posted review of the Panasonic G1 at Camera Labs, one of the review sites that have been picking up momentum the last few months. We particularly like their comparative-verdicts on the conclusion pages, putting each review in perspective of the bigger picture.

Fixed-lens camera reviews
We start with a nice multi-part review of the Ricoh GX200 posted at the Ricoh GR Diary blog. This is Ricoh's second attempt at a serious RAWsumer, and we hope we see their 3rd attempt in the future!

More RAW, but not quite raw-RAW. Two reviews of Casio's smaller speedy RAWzoomer, the EX-FH20. The FH20 looks more like the typical "20X" superzoom, unlike its predecessor the big EX-F1. And it just happened that it got two "Big Six" reviews, at DC Resource and Steve's Digicams.

If you like group reviews, the Imaging Insider spotlights an eight-camera test by computer magazine PC Advisor. Do not expect this to be like a dpreview group test. In fact, you may have a hard time finding the review text, trapped in layers and layers of columns. But if you are persistent you will find the review text and be rewarded with two-pages reviews for each camera :)

The timing is great for the Sony T77 review at Photography Blog as the camera has dropped in price and it is getting close to the $200 price-point.

And we close with an affordable AA-based compact superzoom, the Canon SX110-IS reviewed by Imaging Resource.

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