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February 12, 2009

Photography Soup (DSLRs vs MeFos, Serious Compacts, and more)

We start with an interesting post at CNet Underexposed looking at the new serious compact alternatives available in the market, such as the Panasonic G1 and the high-speed demons from Casio.

Next up, a new chapter in the never-ending battle between 35mm SLRs and Medium Format is written with the emergence of the 20+ megapixel 35mm full-frame DSLRs going up against the MeFos. PDN Online takes a look at the situation from the perspective of studio photography.

Next we are going to do something nosy! Nosy, not noisy! Make sure no one is watching and put on your Pink Panther outfits. While David Ziser is busy planning his 2009 Digital Wakeup Call Tour, we are going to sneak in, and take a look what's inside his bag.

Lightning Round
The Imaging Insider spotlights a Nikon D3x vs Canon 5D Mark II shootout taking place at PPH.

Shutterfinger asks again an age-old socio-political question in the "age of Obama", "Am I a black photographer?"

Thomas Hawk explains how a Mack Camera warranty can be beneficial in certain situations.

Canon has announced new rebates. We will have a detailed write-up on those later today so please stay tuned!

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