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February 20, 2009

Nikon DSLRs refuse to lose, Sony has bittersweet success (new top sellers)

Welcome to a new discussion round of the on-going soap opera that is the top selling digital cameras at Amazon. A screen-shot teaser and discussion follows right below. Spoilers ahead!


Top 25 Vitals
+ five DSLRs
+ one RAWsumer
+ three superzooms
+ three cameras under $100

Nikon DSLRs refuse to lose
As you can see in the screen-shot-teaser above, the Nikon DSLRs, headlined by the Nikon D90 are re-grouping and building up their presence in the Top 25. But the price matters, and some of the more advanced models have spiked up, like the D200 body only jumping by one hundred dollars since our previous update.

Sony's bittersweet success
Sony is buzzing in the Top 25 and that's good news, but the bad news is that they are doing this during the clear-out and pre-clearance stage of their pre-2009 digital camera models. This refers to the Cybershots, not the Alpha DSLRs which are price-fixed by Sony, so we don't have to stress out about finding a discount, and just pay full price ;) It looks like failed politicians are finding new employment in marketing departments!

Newly-announced Canon cameras generating buzz
It was just a couple of days ago that they were officially announced and made available for pre-order, but already the (expected two) Canon superzooms have entered the Top 100 on the strength of pre-orders.

Okay, close your eyes and guess which two. Close your eyes! Don't cheat and read the sentence below yet!

They are, the Canon SX1 IS for $600 and the black Canon SX200 IS for $350. The SX200-IS looks like it might be the camera that shifts the balance of "buzz" from the TZ-series to the SX-series. It's no secret that while the SX100/SX110 had nice prices, they did not generate the same amount of fun, interest and buzz as the TZ-series. The SX200-IS may be the so-called TZ-killer!

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