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February 26, 2009

Nikon D90 holds ground (new top selling digital camera charts)

Welcome to a new edition of the top selling digital camera charts, where we take the pulse of the market using the Amazon marketplace as our guinea pig. Screenshot teaser and discussion follows:


Top 25 vitals
+ four DSLRs
+ three superzooms
+ one RAWsumer
+ three cameras under $100

Nikon D90 holds ground
Nikon is able to keep both Nikon D90 kits in the Top 25, which is no small feat considering the current tightening of the elasticity of the alacrity of the reciprocity of demand when interpolated to factor in the gaussian distribution deteriotation (this is how Greenspan fooled us for years!).

This pauses an interesting hypothetical (and rhetorical) question, should Nikon "disturb" the D90 by announcing a new entry-level dSLR?

PS: One of the side-effects of heavy multi-tasking is what Dr Hodgeman calls "word soup". The headline was "holds court" but it was supposed to be "holds ground".

DSLRs and Superzooms no contest
There is just one non-CaNiKon DSLR in the whole top 100 and that's the Pentax K20D towards the bottom. Despite all the Pentax price-cut announcements, the price hasn't gone down.

On the SuperZoom front, Canon is coasting with the SX10-IS and SX110-IS duo, and with the arrival of the SX1-IS and SX200-IS, it will likely swarm the market and leave very little breathing room for anyone else. Panasonic had its chance with the TZ5/FZ28 duo, but it looks like their success got Canon angry and "forced" them to make more competitive products!

Popular Pre-Orders
The most popular pre-orders in the Top 100 at the moment are:
1. Canon SX1 IS for $600
2. Nikon Coolpix L20 red for $130
3. Sony S950 for $130
4. Canon SX200 IS, black for $350

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