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February 23, 2009

New Samsung TL320 (WB100) has OLED display and analog gauges

The Samsung TL320 (aka ) was leaked last week, and now the leak has become an official lake. This camera's claim to fame is a 3" (AM)OLED display (organic LED) and two analog gauges that keep track of available space on the card and battery life. Also of interest, a 5X lens that starts at 24mm wide, and the possibility of RAW. Update: The camera does not have RAW

Samsung TL320 black top view

As we noted in the leak, the camera is closely related to the SL820/SL620 duo and carries the analog gauges from the NV9 (TL9) model.

To summarize, this is a deluxe P&S with a 5X IS lens that starts at 24mm wide (nice!) and it has two unique features, the analog gauges and the OLED screen. This screams gadgetologist and gearhead favorite!

Main Samsung TL320 specs
+ 12mp 1/2.3" sensor
+ 5X optical zoom (stabilized) that starts at 24mm wide (eq)
+ 3" OLED display with almost one million dots
+ analog gauges on top (battery life, storage space)
+ PASM (manual exposure) as you can see from the picture above
+ dpreview specs said it has RAW - not found any other mention of RAW - later on the mention of RAW from the dpreview specs was removed
+ 720p HD video
+ LiIon battery
+ available in silver or black
+ available for pre-order at Amazon for $380

Samsung_TL320_black_sideways rotated

Big Question: Does it have RAW? NO! (updated)
The specs at dpreview mention that it has RAW, but so far, we haven't found any other place that mentions the availability of RAW. We'll keep looking...

One of our readers notified us that the mention of RAW from the dpreview specs was removed, so no RAW in this camera.

Further Reading
+ Press release at Imaging Insider
+ Engadget - including camera body pictures
+ Discussion in the dpreview forums

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