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February 03, 2009

New Fuji F200 EXR showcases new switchable priority sensor technology

Fuji promised this during Photokina and they have now delivered the announcement! The new Fuji F200 EXR is using a 12mp 1/1.6" SuperCCD sensor, and the sensor itself has the new "EXR" technology.

What's so special about EXR?
Finally we are seeing (at least on paper) some INNOVATION! Fuji's new EXR sensor can operate in three different modes:

+ High Sensitivity and Low Noise Mode: Adjacent pixels are coupled, so you get 6 million large photodiodes to absorb more light. Fuji F31fd users and will celebrate :)

+ Dynamic Range priority: different exposures with two sets of 6m photodiodes

+ High resolution mode: your typical 12mp SuperCCD mode


Fuji F200 EXR main specs
+ 12mp 1/1.6" SuperCCD EXR sensor
+ 5x optical zoom lens (28-140mm)
+ dual image stabilization (CCD-shift)
+ ISO up to 12800 (at 3mp)
+ manual exposure mode (set aperture and shutter speed independently)
+ Av and Tv (aperture and shutter priority)
- no optical viewfinder
+ 3" LCD
+ film simulation modes (five)
+ face detection 3.0 (as if)
+ xD and SD/SDHC support
+ LiIon battery
- no mention of RAW (so far)
+ February 2009 for $400 (Japanese price 43,000 yen)
+ pre-order at Amazon for $400 (NEW!)


Further Reading
+ Fuji UK Press release
+ Fuji USA press release at Imaging Insider
+ Preview at Let's Go Digital
+ camera being tested by DIWA Labs at the moment
+ DC Resource
+ Imaging Resource
+ dpreview
+ Fuji also announced two basic P&S A-series models which we pretend they don't exist for now :) (okay, here they are)
+ official picture from Fuji Japan (ct) below showing two body colors:


New Updates

Thanks to our reader in the comments section for the tip, there are samples and a review from Japan (dc watch), discussed in the dpreview Fuji forum. Including pictures of the "ISO bunny". The "ISO bunny" is part of their standard series of full ISO range tests, it has a stuffed bunny and some pixel-peepiential subjects. They include both 6mp (Low Noise mode) and 12mp ISO-range ISO bunnies.

Serious Compacts opines on this new F200 EXR technology and comments on the early samples from Japan.

A new discussion in the dpreview forums tries to compare the "ISO bunnies" from DCWatch using the pictures taken with the F31fd and F200 EXR. Granted, they were taken four years apart, and under not exactly the same circumstances, but it's the best we have to compare right now!

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