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February 2009 (153 posts)

February 28: PMA 2009 Expectations: What are we waiting for?
February 28: Review Train: 5DMk2, Olympus E30, Casio EX-FH20, Panasonic G1 et al
February 27: Two new Canon 5D Mk2 reviews and in-stock status (update #3)
February 27: Full Frame Wars: D700 fights 5DMk2, while D3X is king of the hill
February 27: Roundup: Epson RD1x D-RF, Sony zoom leak, and more
February 26: Rangefinder party? Epson R-D1x surfaces!
February 26: Vertical Reader Picture Showcase and free PSAs for non-profits
February 26: Rumor: New Sony HX1 superzoom coming at PMA 2009?
February 26: Selling your gear on eBay? Let us know!
February 26: Goodbye Scrolling Headlines!
February 26: Olympus E620 diary
February 26: Nikon D90 holds ground (new top selling digital camera charts)
February 26: What do you want (a poll)
February 26: (OVER) It was a Typo (was: Olympus Tough 8000 under $300)
February 25: New website with Nikon tips launched: Nikon-D-Town!
February 25: In-stock alert: Canon 5D Mark II body only for $2700
February 25: Steve's Digicams was sold in Q4-2008 to (updated)
February 25: Celebrating National Pancake Day
February 25: MicroDak? EasyWindows? Gates eats some Kodak!
February 25: DSLR Santa: Refurbished Canon 5D for $1400, new Nikon D200 for $600
February 25: PhotographyBB celebrates one year (free online magazine!)
February 25: Let's go look at Panasonic TZ7 sample pictures
February 25: Alert! Olympus Stylus 850SW black for $110 (today only!)
February 24: Olympus E620 and other new products available for pre-order!
February 24: Hot Stove: Micro 4/3rds buzz, Confessions of a Ritz employee and more
February 24: Best of Camera Deals blog (two DSLRs under $350 and more)
February 23: New Olympus E620 DSLR is announced and previewed (updated!)
February 23: (In-stock again!) DSLR deal alert: Nikon D200 body only for $600
February 23: Fuji F200EXR sample pictures posted at dpreview
February 23: (EXPIRED) Get Photoshop CS4 for $500 with Calumet's CS3 + CS4-upgrade special
February 23: Ritz Camera files for Chapter 11 (updated!)
February 23: New Samsung TL320 (WB100) has OLED display and analog gauges
February 23: New Samsung HZ15w (WB550) fun-superzoom joins the party
February 23: New Samsung CL5 (aka PL10) continues the mp3-player-camera tradition
February 23: New Olympus X915 and X890 are limited availability clones
February 22: Affordable advertising for small businesses here!
February 22: Focus on Imaging round-up
February 22: Weekend Shopper (Pentax K20D for $700 and more)
February 22: Sigma DP2 pre-production model at Focus on Imaging
February 22: The Photo Blogging Oscars - Oscar Nite at Noisy, 2009 edition
February 21: New flickr pool milestones: Picture #4000 and Member #200
February 21: Official: Cosina Voigtlander Color Skopar 20mm f3.5 SL II for Nikon and Pentax
February 21: (Now $180) Bargain alert: Panasonic FX35 silver for $150 (starts at 25mm wide)
February 21: Samsung TL320 leaks and is already a gadgetologist darling
February 20: Canon SX1 IS review cluster and DSLR review round-up
February 20: Nikon DSLRs refuse to lose, Sony has bittersweet success (new top sellers)
February 19: Five new DSLRs from Olympus in 2009?
February 19: Blog running at regular speed again
February 19: Dell Camera coupon alert: 5% off plus free 2-day shipping (no DSLRs)
February 19: Follow us on twitter, be featured in future "Discover New Sites"
February 19: dpreview reviews the Nikon D3X and gives it "HR" (a rant about dpreview bias)
February 18: New Ricoh CX1 uses 9mp 1/2.3" CMOS sensor (updated II)
February 18: As the Leica World turns (new lens and flash, NO to Panasonic rumors)
February 18: Information Overload!
February 17: New Canon tilt-shift lenses TS-E 17mm f4L and TS-E 24mm f3.5L II
February 17: New Canon SX200-IS boldy goes after the fun-superzoom market
February 17: The Canon SX1 IS adds RAW (!) and invades the US market
February 17: New Canon A2100 IS and A1100 IS disappoint without manual exposure
February 17: Canon dives into the underwater camera pool with the new D10
February 17: New Canon SD970 IS leads the four-pack of new Elph models
February 17: New Canon SD960 IS offers wide-angle but switches to 1/2.3" sensors
February 17: New Canon SD780 IS is a step above the entry-level Elph
February 17: New Canon SD1200 IS is the new affordable Elph model
February 17: In-stock alert: Panasonic LX3s (silver) shipped for $400
February 17: Canon's website leaks six (plus 2) new Powershot models
February 17: Sixteen new digital cameras in the last 12 hours!
February 17: New Sony Cybershot H20 is their 3rd attempt at the fun superzoom segment
February 17: Sony launches new T-series dynamic duo with the T900 and T90
February 17: Sony W290 and W270 expand wide-angle Cybershot line-up
February 17: New Sony Cybershot W230 offers a 3" LCD over the W220
February 17: New Sony Cybershot S980 and S930 add to the entry-level
February 17: New Samsung SL820 (IT100) and US-release of SL620 (PL65)
February 17: New Samsung SL202 (aka PL50) is a LiIon-based P&S
February 17: New Samsung SL30 screams I wanna be adored for $100
February 16: New Fuji S1500fd gets image stabilization - can now compete with others
February 16: Fuji jumps into the pool with the new Z33wp waterproof compact
February 16: New Fuji Z30fd picks up where the Z20 left off
February 16: New Fuji J250 and J20 added to the entry-level
February 16: New Pocket Wizards miniTT1 and flexTT5 announced and reviewed
February 15: President's day laptop and desktop sale at Dell
February 15: Real Canon tries to shutdown Fake Chuck Westfall
February 15: Cameras of the Year Store powered by B&H Photo
February 15: Review Train (Olympus E30, Pentax K2000, Ricoh R10, and more)
February 14: The new Canon $200 mail-in rebate is good until March 1st 2009
February 14: (SOLD OUT) Canon 5D Mark II body only at B&H Photo for $2700
February 14: The Invisible Hand of the Market spanks Canon (new top sellers)
February 14: New Voigtlander 20mm f3.5 (Nikon, Pentax) shows up in Japan
February 14: Bargains:Panasonic FZ18 for $220, and three compacts for under $100
February 14: Wild rumor: Pentax K3D with a 22mp Square Sensor DSLR
February 13: The Lensaholic (Nikon 35mm f1.8 samples, wide shootout, and more)
February 13: Olympus E410 2-lens kit shipped for $388!
February 13: Impact review: Canon 5D Mark II at dpreview by Phil Askey
February 12: New service: Instant notification alert when the Canon 5D Mark II is in-stock
February 12: (SOLD OUT) Canon 5D Mark II was in-stock
February 12: (SOLD OUT) Bargain alert II: Panasonic LX1 silver shipped for $130
February 12: (SOLD OUT) Bargain alert: Panasonic FX55K for $130 with free shipping
February 12: Rumor: Panasonic investigating the possibility of buying Leica?
February 12: Photography Soup (DSLRs vs MeFos, Serious Compacts, and more)
February 11: New Dell Wasabi PZ310 mobile photo printer
February 11: Review Train (Panasonic G1, Sony A900 and A300, SX1 IS, etc)
February 11: Photography Soup (RAW, Kodak, Tamron 10-24mm, Leica M8.2)
February 10: Best of the Camera Deals blog today
February 10: Panasonic LX3 is not discontinued says Panasonic rep
February 10: Call for camera and photography podcasts
February 10: Canon 5D Mark II field test (podcast-style) by Digital Story
February 10: New Sony Alpha DSLRs coming later - after PMA 2009
February 10: Real-world sample Fuji F200 EXR pictures
February 9: New Nikon 35mm f1.8G DX comes out at around $200 (update II)
February 9: Charity auction: World's largest custom oil painting of a wedding portrait photograph
February 9: Casio EX-FC100 and EX-FS10 announced in Japan (new tidbits)
February 9: Nikon D90 review at PhotoZone
February 9: New Kindle 2 revealed live right now in New York!
February 8: Leica M8.2 first impressions by real-world photographer
February 8: Review Train (K2000 again, Canon SX1 noise tests, Panasonics, etc)
February 8: What's up with the LX3? New models in April? (NOT DISCONTINUED)
February 7: Something looks different?
February 7: On Frozen Full-Frame Pond
February 7: Weekend Shopper: Dolica tripod, D80 2-lens DX VR kit, Sony discounts and more
February 7: Canon 5D Mark II review at Digital Camera Info (DCI)
February 7: Sony continues to be hot (thanks to clearance prices) (new top sellers update)
February 7: flickr members showcase episode #3: new wave of favorites
February 6: Review Train: DSLR full-frame edition (D3X, A900, D700, 5DMk2)
February 6: New Samsung ES10 is the definition of entry-level
February 6: (SOLD OUT) Panasonic LX2 silver for $230 with free shipping
February 6: Bargain alert: Panasonic LZ7 shipped for $80
February 6: The winner of the contest is...
February 5: Rounding up a very busy Thursday
February 5: Full frame review wars: Canon 5D Mark II vs Sony Alpha A900
February 5: Nikon Coolpix L100 is a surprise AA-superzoom looking for its niche
February 5: New Nikon Coolpix P90 jumps to 24x zoom ratio, has tilting LCD (but no RAW)
February 5: Nikon S630 expands to a 7x optical zoom lens
February 5: Nikon Coolpix S620 is a sequential megapixel follow-up to the S610
February 5: Nikon Coolpix S230 has a touch-screen at a reasonable price
February 5: Coming up in the next few hours...
February 4: Impact review: Canon 5D Mark II at
February 4: Nikon Coolpix S220 is the new mass-market compact model
February 4: New Nikon L20 and L19 are the new Coolpix starting point
February 4: New Nikon D3X review by Dave Black Photography
February 4: Hands-on with the new Panasonics by Pho Review in Miami
February 4: Nikon D400 book name leaked in Germany
February 4: New Fuji A150 and A100 are the new Fuji value frontier
February 3: New Fuji F200 EXR showcases new switchable priority sensor technology
February 3: Clearance alert: $69 Casio digital cameras right now!
February 3: Review Train: Canon 5D Mark II (many), Pentax K2000/K-m, etc
February 3: Medium Format gets DX0wned by 35mm DSLRs?
February 3: Samsung wins over the UK Market for 2008
February 2: Eight new Nikon Coolpix models announced (surprise: Coolpix L100)
February 2: New Pentax E70L is a AA-based P&S Optio
February 2: Lens rental contest ended at 8pm eastern tonight
February 2: My ISO never lies, but the manufacturer does?
February 2: Nikon D700 and D90 review double-feature at Steve's Digicams
February 1: Hot Camera Diaries update (part #1 complete)
February 1: Weekend Shopper (Sunday edition)


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