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February 27, 2009

Full Frame Wars: D700 fights 5DMk2, while D3X is king of the hill

There were two new full-frame battles in the never-ending DSLR Wars. First up, we have a rather detailed shootout at Gizmodo, squaring off the Canon 5DMk2 with the Nikon D700. This is not the typical "gadget blog" unboxing fun-and-games, this is a real shootout, complete with full-range ISO samples from both cameras and a lot more! As usual, no spoilers here :)

And while those two were busy fighting each other, the Nikon D3X, flying 8000 miles under the radar, managed to sneak in and become the king of the hill. At least that's according to the latest test series at Pro Photo Home. The story via the Insider.

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