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January 02, 2009

You decide: Which compact cameras get Review Clusters?

We have a number of compact digital cameras featured in the Compact Review Organizer, with review clusters for each camera. However, with hundreds of current models, it is impossible to include every single camera. So with this poll, you will prioritize which cameras will get review clusters next. You can vote for as many individual models as you would like to see reviewed. You can also write-in camera models if they are not in the poll and if they don't already have review-lists created (check here). This poll is for fixed-lens compact cameras only, not for DSLRs. The list of cameras is randomly displayed to prevent positioning-bias.

A couple of cameras submitted by readers have been added to the poll, the Olympus SP570uz and Canon SD990is. Two more reader submissions, the Panasonic LX3 and Fuji F100fd already have review-clusters up and running (the links point to the review clusters for each one). And unfortunately the Sigma DP2 does not have any reviews yet, we are not even sure if there is even an actual release date planned - it is on "Sigma time" :)

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