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January 13, 2009

The evolution of the Canon 5D Mark II Diary - it becomes a new blog!

Today we are launching the brand new 5D Mk2 blog (permalink), the evolution of the 5D Mark II diary. So please check it out and let us know (email) what you think! Special thanks to all our "beta readers" for their feedback, suggestions, opinions and corrections!

One of the benefits of having a blog (instead of a diary) is that you can now subscribe to all the updates by RSS or by email:


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Why switch from Diary to Blog?
The 5DMk2 Diary had way too many updates, so it was the best candidate of all the diaries to switch to a traditional blog format. This has the extra benefit of RSS and email subscriptions for those who want to receive the latest updates in their newsreader or inbox instead of visiting the website. So, here it is, the new 5D Mk2 blog, which is also broadcasting a  free full-text RSS feed

We started the hot-camera-diaries at the Old Blog with the "camera manias", and we continued at this green blog with the hot camera diaries. Now we are launching version 3.0 with the 5D Mark II blog- diary.

Super-Feed Subscribers
If you are already subscribed to our  Super-Feed, the new 5DMk2 feed has been added to the Super-Feed and you will be receiving these new updates as well as everything else.

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