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January 12, 2009

Sony storms the Top 25, prices fluctuate (new top selling cameras update)

Welcome to a new edition of this snapshot-to-snapshot Amazon top selling digital camera soap-opera update! If you want to avoid any spoilers, jump right now and check the new top selling digital camera charts. Analysis and screen-shot teaser follow right below!

top selling camera Charts

Top 25 Vitals
+ Three DSLRs
+ Four SuperZooms
+ Two RAWsumers
+ Two sub-$100 cameras

Prices? Up and down and sideways
One of the things we were most looking forward to with this update is to see what happened to the prices of the popular digital cameras. The results are mixed. Some have gone down in price a bit, some have gone up, others are trading sideways. There are some interesting patterns however:

+ Sony Cybershot prices have gone down (eg W300 down to $270)
+ Nikon Coolpix S550 has gone up
+ Amazon is temporarily out of stock of some popular Canon models
+ this reflects mostly compacts, not DSLRs/lenses
+ Panasonic FZ-series and TZ-series prices have gone up (perhaps Panasonic is re-framing the prices because they will be announcing new TZ-series models in early 2009). The TZ5K is now as high as $280, up from around $220 during December. The other two colors are at $250+

Canon seals the top ten
Canon "seals" the top ten as they are the only brand there! The top non-Canon is the Sony S750 at #13 which goes for $100. And speaking of Sony...

Sony day!
This is perhaps the highest number of Sony digital cameras in the top 25 since we started posting this. Discounts or stay-put prices of popular/affordable Cybershot models have propelled them upwards. Sony has six cameras in the top 25. This is the good news, the bad news is that half of them are sub-$150 (S750, W120s)

G10 vs LX3 again
The Panasonic LX3K is back in the top 25, at #25, and if it can maintain a stable price/availability, it will be interesting to see if it can mount an "attack" on the Canon G10 which currently sits at #10.

SuperZoom Wars: Canon domination continues
The SuperZoom wars are no more. With the Panasonic TZ/FZ-series going up in price, and the other superzoom brands unable to mount a credible offensive, Canon has the top three superzoom models with the SX10is and two SX110is colors. The only other superzoom in the top 25 is the Sony H50, which is all over the place.

Check all the price moves
We leave a "trail" in every top sellers chart where you can find the cameras that have changed in price by $10 or more since the previous update. Simply use your browser's button to search for "down" for cameras that have gone down in price $10 or more, and search for "up" for cameras that have gone up in price $10 or more.

Market-related updates
For past, present and future market-related updates, including the top selling charts discussions, be sure to check the Market Pulse mini-blog.

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