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January 05, 2009

Review Train (priorities, clusters, shootouts, and of course reviews)

Welcome to another edition of the Review Train, a round-up of some of the latest reviews out there. We start with a new review cluster addition, we added the (short list) of Pentax K2000/K-m reviews so far.

And we have also started a poll where you, the readers, prioritize which compacts will get their own "review cluster" next. For more details on this, be sure to check the introduction. Please note that a number of cameras already have review lists. You can see if they are already listed before submitting them (already listed: LX3, F100fd, G10, Optio W60, etc) :-)

Spotlight Review: Canon G10 by Mountain Trail Photo
We start with a "real world review" of the Canon G10 by Mountain Trail Photo. Find out what Guy Tal thinks about this camera!

5DMk2 review we missed!
We missed this review during the holidays, but one of our readers thankfully reminded us that CNet Asia has posted a CNet-style review of the Canon 5D Mark II around Christmas-time. So if it's new to you, be sure to check it out!

Olympus Reviews
The weather is freezing in many parts of the world. How about a camera that can handle freezing outside the box? We are talking of course about the Stylus mju SW (TOUGH) series by Olympus. Camera Labs visits their frozen lab in Antartica and dissects the Olympus Stylus mju SW Tough 1050SW. How did it perform? No spoilers here!

Now to an Olympus DSLR, the brand new E30, sitting between the E5XX and the E3, got one of its first reviews by Let's Go Digital. No spoilers here, but if you are in a hurry, they have conclusions, stars, and an overall percentage rating on page #9.

Disasterous Group "Test" (was: misinforming the unwashed masses)
This is the definition of what not to do when you are "testing" DSLRs - check it out at the Washington Post. For one thing, some of the prices are totally out of touch with reality (Olympus E3 for $2700, Canon 40D $1300, etc). But that's not the main issue. The main issue is that they are testing some mid-range and professional level DSLRs as point and shoot replacements! Oh that Olympus E3, it doesn't have "scene modes", how can they expect me to replace my $150 Powershot with a top-tier DSLR if it doesn't have scene modes?

The idea behind that article is valid - looking at user-friendly and non-intimidating DSLRs for beginners and newcomers. The actual write-up? DISASTER!

Shootouts & Comparisons
Luminous Landscape has posted a new 5DMk2 vs A900 comparison article and promises two more hands-on in a few weeks by two different photographers, one for each of the aforementioned cameras.

And a new installment in the Serious Compacts Shootout, episode #4 features ISO comparisons between the D-Lux 4 (LX3 cousin) and the Canon G10.

Non-Camera Reviews
TWiP Photo reviews the book Landscapes book from the "DSLR Expert" series, a book written by five landscapers. Oops, that didn't come out right :) Written by five landscape photographers :)

PhotoWalk Pro reviews the Epson 2880 and deems a "gotta have it". Why??? Read the review to find out!

Next, a computer for photography review, Photography Bay takes a look at a Photoshop-friendly configuration of the Dell Inspiron 530 desktop.

And we close with Photography Blog's review of Serif PhotoPlus X2 Digital Studio, a software application package. This not to be confused with Corel's Paintshop Pro X2 Photo something-something.

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