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January 28, 2009

Photography Soup (gearaholic edition)

Welcome to a special "gear-aholic" edition of the "Photography Soup"! This edition focuses on gear, numbers, tech-talk and things like that.

Should you upgrade from a 5D Mark I to a Mark II?
Author and photographer Ben Long has posted the conclusion of his comparative upgrader-priority review, complete with a final verdict. Here they are, in chronological order:
+ Part #1
+ Part #2 posted a few hours ago.

For more on the 5DMk2, be sure to check our new 5DMk2 blog and subscribe to its full-text  RSS feed.

When Politicians "Discover" Technology
Nothing pleases a certain group of politicians than prosecuting real and invented "sex crimes". It usually ends with a Shakespearean (Spitzerian? Haggardian?) fall from grace but that's a story for other blogs. So without further ado, here comes the "Camera Phone Predator Alert Act":

Discussion of this at:
+ Thomas Hawk
+ New Media Photographer
+ The Online Photographer

This will certainly give the late-night talk show hosts enough material until Spring.

Rumors spotlights a forum-rumor of a "Canon 1D Mark III N" spotted in a computer-system in Germany.

The power of Nikon! Real power, not the proverbial power. Nikon Rumors notices a special Nikon power-kit, the PDK-1 available in Europe. What's inside the box?

A discussion point. Actually five discussion points: Photography Bay picks five P&S features that should be trashed in their opinion.

Some hardcore DSLR-purists may even suggest to trash the whole P&S segment and replace it with camera-phones, leaving the camera companies to focus on DSLRs and advanced cameras and lenses.

While Samsung hopes and reaches for #1, Panasonic has a more modest and reachable goal, 15% by 2010 says Digital Camera Review. They certainly increased the number of individual camera models available so far in 2009.

More measurable image-quality and pixel-peepiential data have been added to the DxOMark database. Details via the Imaging Insider.

CIPA has published their year-end data for 2008 and forecasts for 2009. Time permitting we will go through the numbers in detail. Until then, be sure to check the english summary at DC Resource and TWiP Photo, and the computer-generated Japanese via

Gagdetology on Video (HTML mess corrected)
35-minutes of gadgetology on video, aka episode #170 of Photoshop User TV.

PS: Our HTML Editor has a bug in preview mode that shows errors as okay, which is why you have seen an increase in html-errors on this blog in the last few weeks.

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