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January 03, 2009

Pentax K30D rumor diary

We have a new experimental feature, a ...rumor diary. Since Pentax is the only major brand not have a "hot camera diary" in either this or the old blog, we are using Pentax to launch the "rumor diary" experiment. A Pentax DSLR named "K30D" is likely to come out eventually considering the model naming history, unless Pentax goes back to the *ist naming convention ;-)

May 2009
There is no Pentax K30D says a PentaxForums user by the name of "JCPentax". This is a three-page thread by now - read all about it. (JCPentax is a Pentax-USA manager).

A new dpreview thread, post-K7 announcement speculates on what a K30D might be. Note this is speculation, not a rumor. The OP indicates that he would be happy if the K30D was the K7 without the HD-Video feature.

Bryan Woodward wrote on his Twitter page that he is waiting for a K30D to replace his K20D, but he is excited for the K7 as well!

While the K30D future is unknown, we are currently counting down to the official Pentax K7 announcement.

Some people are holding out hope that apart from the K7, Pentax will also announce a K30D, but unless the K7 has significant differentiation, I just don't see how they can do a K30D, unless it is going to be a K20D with video perhaps? Please note this paragraph is speculation.

April 2009
This experimental diary is, in theory, intended to track K30D rumors, but K7 is going to be the upcoming new camera. This is not to say that a K30D would not arrive at some point. But you may be interested to know that we just created a new category to track the K7 rumors and news, you can see the major posts so far in the K7 mini-blog.

Meanwhile, RiceHigh has some of the specs of the K7(D), and claims they are correct. Some, not all, not yet.

Although unsubstantiated, one PF user says that in addition to the new K7(D), there will also be a new K30D.

More updates in this confusing post and the Rumor Diary.

Oops, wrong name for this rumor diary! It turns out, according to Pentax Austria, this will be named Pentax K7D.

The mega-thread at the PentaxForums keeps growing and growing in size and popularity! Check it out! There we also learn that a well-known German retailer is accepting preorders for this mystery camera for 1500 euro. Pig in a poke pre-orders!

A new round-up of the Pentax mystery, with a non-blurry picture added - recapped in this rumor update.

A round-up of the latest updates and discussions of the Pentax Blurry pictures is posted at the front page.

Rice High features a blurry picture via China that may be a new Pentax DSLR. Could this be the K30D, which is the raison d'etre of cette diary?

A new "K30D" discussion (not rumor) got started in the forums.

March 2009
A Pentax marketing manager has given an interview to a German print magazine and that has sparked a web-wide discussion. Nothing concrete however.

A new 50+ thread in the dpreview forums is discussing what's next for Pentax. A very interesting read.

A new thread in the dpreview forums talks of the K30D coming soon according to a source in Denmark. A long discussion ensues. One recurring theme of the various rumors and discussions is that the K30D may not be a sequential update, but something else, and perhaps something more. Some interesting stuff.

Rice High translates an interview with Pentax from Japan. There are no concrete promises made by Pentax, but you can add it to the "knowledge base".

Is Pentax planning a more advanced DSLR to follow the K20D? Or is this interview referring to the upcoming digital medium format? We do not know, but you can read all about it!

Samsung can't decide on their next "GX" DSLR, so they are "letting" Pentax made the decision. That's what they (Samsung) told Amateur Photographer UK.

February 2009
Will there be a K30D at PMA 2009 from Pentax? The Pentax DSLRs blog (no relation to Pentax) speculates that there may not be a new Pentax DSLR announced at PMA.

Meanwhile in the Pentax dpreview fourms, another "when is the K30D coming" thread has come up.

And Martin Koch hopes for a K30d.

January 2009
This new PF discussion starts with the OP offering $1 per rumor - jokingly of course. The discussion is currently four pages long. On page #4, some get tired of K30D , and already start speculating K40D. K40D? That is so 2012. How about the K50D? Will it have a 35mm full frame sensor? Will it take coffee-discs and brew coffee using the heat from the battery and the moisture in the atmosphere?

One user says that he heard a not-very-reliable rumor that Pentax may announce the K30D and K300D by the end of January 2009. A six-page discussion ensues.

Another thread at the same forum is having fun with hypothetical camera designs. Please note that this thread is not a rumor or leak, but user-generated creations!

The mid-December surprise was the "Storm Trooper" K2000, so the wait continues.

December 2008
There are three Pentax DSLRs coming in 2009 [allegedly]. So what will they be? The dpreview Pentax forum discusses. Surely, one of them will be named K30D? :-)

Some sources point to a summer 2009 release, which could mean a PMA 2009 announcement. This year, PMA takes place during the first week of March 2009.

Let's also not forget what Samsung told WDC in an interview in October 2008, where they essentially said the GX-20 follow-up will be different, a bigger delta from the GX10 to GX20 transition. Does this also mean a divergence from the Pentax bodies or will Pentax also go this way?

And for the dreamers and believers out there, this thread discusses Italian rumors that talk of two full-frame DSLRs, and a 6x6 digital. Dreamers and believers :)

One Pentaxian asks, should I get the K20D or wait for the K30D? The other Pentaxians chime in and opine.

November 2008
Are you sure when the K30D will be announced and what it will be? You can compete with the others at

The latest rumor came from China, stating that an APS-H (1.3x) CMOS sensor would be used, piggy-backing on the fact that a number of DA lenses have an image-circle larger than APS-C (1.5x).

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