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January 07, 2009

New Sony Cybershot W220 joins the 12-megapixel revolution (also new W210 and S950)

Not to be confused with the 1/1.8" Cybershot W200, the new Cybershot W220 is a 12-megapixel 1/2.33" point and shoot compact with a 4x optical zoom lens with optical image stabilization (starts at 30mm) and a 2.7" LCD. The price will start at $190 and it will be released by April 2009. It will be available in four popular colors (black, silver, pink and blue).

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Sony DSC-W220_Green_Main-Open_med

This likely reveals the 2009 generation W-series model naming scheme, so if they "port" their 2008 line-up, we should expect to see a Cybershot W250 and a wide-angle sony W270. This also means that their next mega-megapixel model with the 1/1.7x" sensor will likely be named Cybershot W400. This paragraph is of course, as the heading suggests, speculation!

Also new: Sony W210
The W210 is similar to the W220 but lacks optical image stabilization, which means a lower price. More on this at PhotoReview.

Also new: Sony S950
Already spotted by Digicam Review, the S950 is now official with a starting US price-tag of $130. How fast will this get to $100? The current model S750 is already there! More on this at DCI.

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