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January 25, 2009

New regular blog feature: flickr member showcase

As we mentioned on Friday, we are starting a new regular blog feature, the "flickr member showcase". This is an "IPO" from the segment with the same name that appeared in previous episodes of the Photography Soup. Since we don't post the "Soup" as often as we used to, this new feature allows us to feature multiple flickr pool members on a more regular basis.

How can you submit your pictures?
It is very simple. Simply add your pictures to our flickr pool and when it is your turn, we will feature our favorite picture from the ones you have submitted to the pool.

Flickr members are featured in chronological order, so that gives newer (and future) members more time to submit (more) pictures.

How we pick favorites?
We pick a favorite picture from each person who submitted pictures to our flickr pool. We start with the membership list, and pick a favorite picture from each member. The first person who joined the group and submitted a picture is featured first, the second is featured next, the third is next, and on and on. We are only selecting pictures submitted to the pool, so if someone has not posted any pictures to the pool, we obviously can't pick a favorite.

If we missed any person, or posted something out of order, please let us know!

In the first two episodes we will recap the favorites we picked so far in previous "Photography Soup" episodes in this and the old blog. After that, we will have a new wave of favorites from the next group of members.

Recap: Favorite pictures from our flickr pool members so far: Part #1
flickr memberfavorite pictures
Mike GavinMike Gavin was the first brave flickr member to submit a picture to our flickr pool way back when we got started and thus was the first to be featured in the series. The picture we picked as our favorite is an atmospheric picture. Or perhaps the attempt of a luminous tree to escape the ominous forest?
faziaThe tide is low at Raritan Bay and the colors and mood is mellow and moody. Enjoy it!
peasap"Three's a crowd" was our pick, a December by the beach picture of a trio. If this was a literature class, a great exercise would be to write a short story about the three people in the picture :-)
nickwheelerozThe temperature was very high when we were picking this winner, which may explain why we picked this L&L Strobist picture. This picture has a bonus, a picture of the setup used to take the actual picture.
jjvornovWe seem to favor "atmospheric pictures", which is perhaps why we picked the picture titled "Backs Turned Looking Down the Path". To balance things out, we picked a second favorite as well, a more colorful picture, "The Road at Night".
mtbjohnA full frame lilly was our favorite, a picture taken in beautiful Hawai'iiiii. Full-frame has dual meaning in this case :)

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