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January 05, 2009

New Pentax Optio P70 and E70 digital cameras

Pentax joins the CES 2009 party with two compact digital cameras, and at the same time, joins the 28mm wide angle compact club! Let's meet the two new cuties (or uglies) depending on how you like them. Note the incremental change in the model-version number, we have gone from M60/W60/E60 to P70/E70:

Pentax Optio P70
The P70 joins the wide-angle club as it sports a 4X optical zoom lens (27.5-110mm eq) and has a *gasp* 12-megapixel sensor and a 2.7" LCD. It also has some popular consumer features:
+ slim body
+ face detection (up to 32 faces in 30 milliseconds)
+ blink and smile feature
+ no real IS ("digital shake reduction")
+ starting price is $200 with a February release
+ three colors (red, silver, white)
+ initial production output is 30,000 units per month according to Pentax Japan.

Pentax Optio E70
The E70 continues the line of affordable AA-based entry-level digital cameras with a 10-megapixel sensor and 3x optical zoom lens (35-105mm), and 2.4" LCD. As you can see these are "spartan" specs which allow for a lower price, which will start at $140 and ship in February in three fashionable colors: gold, blue or red. It also has the same face, smile and blink features as above.

The initial production output is 30,000 units per month.

For more details, check the press release.

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