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January 26, 2009

New Panasonic TZ7 (aka ZS3) grows a 25-300mm MegaOIS lens

As usual, the Panasonic "fun zoom" TZ-series models are announced each January in pairs. The TZ6 is the more affordable model, and the new TZ7 is the more advanced model.

You can find out more details via Focus Numerique, which includes PDF files with all the specifications.

The TZ7 uses a 12mp 1/2.33" sensor, but has 10-megapixels effective, in typical TZ-odd-number tradition. In other words, less than the whole of the sensor is utilized.

The lens "grows" from the 28-280mm of the TZ5, to 25-300mm which is 12X instead of 10X. As usual, it has a Leica MegaOIS lens.

Other features of interest include:
+ 3" LCD display
+ LiIon battery with 300 CIPA
+ 60fps 720p HD video
+ available for pre-order at Amazon for $400
+ offered in the three usual body-colors: black, silver and blue
+ etc

Sadly Panasonic made a dumb move by giving the cameras different names for the US market. This is stupid and creates unnecessary confusion. Bad Panasonic, BAD!

The initial production quantity is 30,000 units per month, and the Japanese market will get the brown color instead of blue. Release date is planned to be March 6. They will also have a very very small quantity of red bodies available for the "Lumix Club" to bid on.


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