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January 16, 2009

New Panasonic LS85 continues the AA-based entry-level line

Like clockwork, a year after the announcement of the LS 80, Panasonic launches the follow-up, the new Lumix DMC-LS85, aka LS85.

Panasonic shows megapixel-restraint by keeping this camera at 8mp 1/2.5", instead of jumping to higher megapixelations. This is a smart choice considering the market and price for this camera.

At the same time, the camera jumps from a 3X lens in the LS80 to a 4X lens in the LS85 (33-132mm eq), while the starting price drops from $150 to $120. You can already pre-order it at Amazon for that price, in your choice of black, pink or silver.

Battery-wise the camera CIPA-promises to be very frugal, with over 200 with standard AA alkalines, and 550 with rechargeable NiMH. These of course are the measurements provided by Panasonic in the specifications using CIPA measurements.

Other features include:
+ 2.5" LCD
+ lens starts at f2.8 with MegaOIS stabilization
+ 30fps WVGA 16:9 video or 30fps VGA

The initial production output is set a rather small pace, a mere 10,000 units per month. Japan will see this model coming out on February 20, 2009.


Further Reading
+ Press release and detailed specs at Imaging Insider
+ Panasonic UK

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