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January 15, 2009

New Canon Powershot A480 gives entry-level a more "modern look"

Canon announced its first digital camera in 2009 with the Canon A480, a basic point-and-shoot that follows up on the Canon A470, which has now dropped all the way down to $82. Despite the A-series name, the A4xx-series is built as a basic P&S, so it does not have all of the A5xx and above features.

But unlike its A4xx-predecessors, the camera has a more "modern look", it's like the Joe SixPack equivalent of the Barbie E1. It has a 10mp 1/2.33" sensor and a typical optical zoom lens, with 2 AA batteries, 2.5" LCD, SDHC and things like that.

The new camera has been added to the list of new cameras in 2009, and it is number #36 already for 2009. We are only counting 14 major manufacturers by the way. If we counted all the manufacturers, including the clones, we would probably not have time for breakfast, lunch or dinner :)

For more on this camera, be sure to check:
+ dpreview
+ Engadget
+ Canon UK
+ UK price 130 pounds (February 2009)

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