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January 08, 2009

New cameras from Samsung in Europe: ST10, PL65 and ES50

Unfortunately Samsung is trying to create global confusion as they are using completely different model names for their cameras for different markets. So apart from the ones we already mentioned at CES, there are some new ones that have been announced in the European market. To "map" the names of their new cameras check the bottom of this post.

Samsung ST10
The ST10 (Tech Radar | Photography Press) is a 9mp version of the ST50 (aka TL100) but with the same price.

Samsung PL65
We praised Samsung too early for "staying with 10mp" with the SL420 (PL60). It turns out that there is also the PL65 which is similar but uses a 12mp 1/2.33" sensor. Details on this at

Samsung ES50
The ES50 ( is an 8-megapixel version of the ES55 (aka SL102)

Mapping the names
Samsung itself sorts things out for us all. Here they are:
+ WB500 = HZ10w
+ ST50 = TL100
+ ST10 = not in US market
+ PL65 = not in US market Now available as SL620
+ PL60 = SL420 (going for the 420 crowd in the US?)
+ ES55 = SL102
+ ES50 = not in US market
+ idiots in marketing = idiots in marketing

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