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January 03, 2009

Officially Leaked: Kodak Z980 superzoom with 24x lens (and M830 and ZX1)

Update Sunday January 4: Engadget has the quasi-official press release. There we learn that this camera has (no, we have not overdosed on leftover XMas beverages), a detachable vertical non-battery grip with an additional shutter release button.

Saturday January 3, 2009
We start the CES 2009 season with Kodak and a new salvo fired in the SuperZoom Wars with Kodak taking the "lead" in the ratio wars: Via the dpreview news forum and Steve's Digicam forums, Kodak's CES 2009 new entries have been revealed to a great shock: A 24x SuperZoom, the Kodak Z980!

The main [alleged] specs:
+ 12mp sensor
+ 24x optical zoom lens starting at 26mm with a Schneider-Kreuznach name
+ 3" LCD
+ Hot-shoe
+ starting price $400, available for pre-order at Amazon
+ detachable vertical grip included, but does not take batteries (!)
+ second-shutter button on the camera body (!), not on the detachable grip
+ long discussion in dpreview kodak forum

kodak z980kodak z980

Kodak M380
Another M-series model, with a 10mp sensor and 5x optical zoom lens.

Kodak ZX1 - another HD gadget
Kodak tried their hand with a Flip clone (Zy6), now they are trying another approach, the ZX1 which records 60fps 720p video allegedly. Alleged price is $150.

Please treat these as rumors
Please treat the above as rumors until or unless they are officially announced.

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