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January 2009 (118 posts)

January 31: Canon 5D Mark II body only in-stock for $2700 (updated)
January 31: Sony Cybershots are hot as discounts deepen (new top selling cameras)
January 31: Rant on reviews and review-sites at RH
January 31: flickr-pool member showcase part #2: Our favorites so far
January 30: Photography Soup: Full frame technical comparison, flickr kerfuffle, JPEG XR, and more
January 29: Review Train: Olympus E30 and E520, Canon G10 and SX10IS, Nikon P6000, TZ5, etc
January 28: Exclusive savings on Open Box Sony DSLRs & Lenses from
January 28: Photography Soup (gearaholic edition)
January 28: Executive summary: Six new Panasonic cameras (and two new Rants)
January 28: Panasonic FS25 makes it a six-pack of new cameras
January 28: New Kodak Easyshare C180 wants to grab market-share
January 27: (EXPIRED) Deal alert: Adobe Lightroom 2 full-version for $190 (today only)
January 26: Panasonic FT1 (aka TS1) is a tough-cookie digital camera (shockproof, waterproof, dustproof)
January 26: New Panasonic TZ7 (aka ZS3) grows a 25-300mm MegaOIS lens
January 26: New Panasonic TZ6 (aka ZS1) grows a 12X zoom lens!
January 26: New Panasonic FX550 (aka FX580) has 3" touch-screen but also manual exposure
January 26: New Panasonic FX40 (FX48) offers a 25-125mm compact alternative
January 26: Win a FREE one-week rental of a LENS or DSLR courtesy of
January 26: Full frame review: Sony Alpha A900 at Photography Blog
January 26: Review Train (Olympus E30 and SP565uz, Fuji F60fd, D3X, LX3, etc)
January 25: Memory cards - a snapshot of prices (no rebates!)
January 25: Happy New Year - Gong Hei Fatt Choi!
January 25: Canon 5D Mark II review by Steve's Digicams (tape delayed)
January 25: New regular blog feature: flickr member showcase
January 24: Pentax gets major street-cred boost, shows why it's different
January 24: Sony attacks, Canon SX10-IS gets hot, DSLR prices up (new top sellers)
January 24: Busy Reader: Catching up with the latest updates
January 23: Photography Soup (Brandaholic edition)
January 23: Rumors: Olympus M1 and M100 will be two new Micro Four Thirds cameras
January 22: Review-cluster added for the Olympus E30 Four Thirds DSLR
January 22: Nikon D3X review by Philip Ryan at Pop Photo
January 22: Update #2: Now in pre-order status (Canon 5D Mark II w/EF 24-105L)
January 21: New Olympus FE-35 shows up at retail
January 21: Review Train (Canon 5DMk2, Olympus E30, Panasonic FZ28, etc)
January 21: New Sanyo Xacti hybrid camera/camcorders flooding the market today
January 21: Blog Headlines in one page (new blog feature)
January 20: In-stock alert: Nikon D3X at J&R World
January 20: New review clusters added: Canon SD880 IS, Ricoh GX200 and Sigma DP1
January 20: Canon 5D Mark II Impact Review at Imaging Resource (and at B&H too)
January 19: The Inauguration of Hope (Barack Obama in photography books)
January 19: Remembering MLK - photography books that captured history
January 19: R&D Talk: Would fingerprint sensors make sense in cameras?
January 19: You decide the next compact camera review-clusters
January 19: Impact review: Panasonic G1 reviewed by dpreview
January 18: New top selling digital cameras chart (Canon leads the way)
January 18: Everything you want to know about the xD card
January 18: Review Train (Panasonic G1, Canon G10 and SX1 IS, Olympus 1050SW, etc)
January 18: Housekeeping update: RSS feeds moved to Google account
January 18: New Casio EX-Z1 is actually the new EX-S5 (thank you for the confusion)
January 17: NO! (Nikon D800 EXIF-Rumors: 20+ megapixel model in the pipe-line?)
January 17: Review Train (Pentax K2000, Nikon P6000, Sony Alpha A900, etc)
January 16: New Lumix FS15 breaks Panasonic's megapixel-restraint with 12-megapixels
January 16: New Panasonic FS7 and FS6 duo is new affordable LiIon offering
January 16: New Panasonic LS85 continues the AA-based entry-level line
January 16: Alert: Canon 5D Mark II body only in-stock now for $2700
January 16: Commenting system upgrade: now accepting OpenID
January 15: New headlines (only shown on front page) - feedback? opinion?
January 15: dpreview posts SuperZoom group test with two winners out of seven
January 15: New Sigma 18-250 DC OS superzoom coming on March 10
January 15: New Canon Powershot A480 gives entry-level a more "modern look"
January 15: Have an event? Starting a new website? We can promote it as a PSA
January 14: Photography-related issues for the President-elect Obama?
January 14: Hot Camera Diaries updates is now complete
January 13: The evolution of the Canon 5D Mark II Diary - it becomes a new blog!
January 13: Panasonic TZ7 and TZ6 model names listed in camera bag list
January 13: Housekeeping: RAWsumer blog now under this domain
January 13: Review Train (books, software, printer, bags and meta)
January 13: Impact review: Nikon D3X by Thom Hogan
January 13: Nikon D3X reviews cluster added to the Review Organizer
January 12: Request for Beta-readers: new page in the works
January 12: Sony storms the Top 25, prices fluctuate (new top selling cameras update)
January 12: New Sanyo Xacti hybrid (dual-camera) line to be unveiled on January 21
January 12: What do you want from this blog? (open thread)
January 11: I can has Casio EX-F1 online nao!
January 11: Review Train (5DMk2, D3X, D700, LX3, R10, 50D, G1)
January 10: "Hot Camera" Diaries update is now complete
January 10: I am presidential photog - I can has 5D Mark II nao?
January 9: Weekend Shopper (Last week for Sandisk pre-paid Visa card deals)
January 9: Pentax fans: Call for favorite websites, blogs and references
January 9: Housekeeping update for RSS-Reader Readers
January 9: Handy references at this blog
January 9: 5DMk2 Recap: BodyOnly (GONE), KIT for $3500 (GONE)
January 8: FAIL: Nikon gets confused, announces a camera that was announced in August 2008
January 8: 1001 Noisy Cameras announces wide-screen friendly blog headlines
January 8: CES 2009 Digital Cameras Situation Room
January 8: New Sony Cybershot G3 shyly revisits wireless
January 8: New cameras from Samsung in Europe: ST10, PL65 and ES50
January 7: Casio EX-FC100 and EX-FS10 shoot 6mp stills at 30fps
January 7: New Casio EX-Z400, EX-Z270 and EX-S12 with EX-S5
January 7: Olympus SP590uz outdoes everyone with a 26X superzoom lens (updated #2 - NO RAW)
January 7: New Sony Cybershot W220 joins the 12-megapixel revolution (also new W210 and S950)
January 7: Samsung attacks the fun-zoom segment with the new HZ10w (aka WB500)
January 7: New stylish and skinny Samsung TL100 at 12-megapixels
January 7: Samsung goes after untapped market with SL420 (new SL102 as well)
January 7: But wait there's two more from Olympus: FE-45 and FE-25
January 7: Executive summary: Twelve new Olympus cameras at CES 2009
January 7: New Olympus FE-5010, FE-3010 and FE-3000 renumber their entry-level
January 6: Olympus Stylus 550WP challenges the Pentax Optio W60
January 6: New Olympus Stylus 9000, 7000 and 5000 offer 12mp but with different lenses
January 6: New Olympus TOUGH 6000 and 8000 revealed
January 6: New presidential photographer is a professor with published book!
January 6: Milestone: Picture #3000 in the flickr pool
January 5: New Kodak M380, M340 and M320 fill up the Easyshare line-up
January 5: Update: Was in-stock (5D Mark II w/EF24-105 for $3500)
January 5: New Pentax Optio P70 and E70 digital cameras
January 5: Canon in cruise control (new Top Selling Camera Charts update)
January 5: Review Train (priorities, clusters, shootouts, and of course reviews)
January 4: Free 8gb Lexar Compact Flash after mail-in rebate
January 4: Stories from the flickr pool: Rescued - tiny, wet and crying kitty
January 3: Hot Camera Diaries update (update is complete)
January 3: Officially Leaked: Kodak Z980 superzoom with 24x lens (and M830 and ZX1)
January 3: Pentax K30D rumor diary
January 2: Goodbye JPG Magazine - Update: A New Hope?
January 2: Two Christmas Stories (post-holiday edition)
January 2: Weekend Shopper (first 2009 edition)
January 2: You decide: Which compact cameras get Review Clusters?
January 1: Best selling DSLRs in Japan in 2008 (almost) - too close to call!
January 1: Happy New Year - 2009 is here!


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