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January 19, 2009

Impact review: Panasonic G1 reviewed by dpreview

Yes dpreview and G1 fans, the G1 has been reviewed by And it took four reviewers for this review, including Phil Askey, who rarely reviews cameras these days, as well as Simon Joinson. So what did the quartet think? Page #33 has the conclusions. And what badge did it get? We won't reveal! You have to find out for yourselves!

And since we are talking G1, it was also reviewed a couple of days ago by Trusted Reviews, which was featured in the latest Review Train.

For more on the G1, be sure to check:
+ list of reviews
+ G1 diary

Reactions to the review
A discussion has started already in the Panasonic forum, with opinions and questions, and with Simon Joinson and Lars responding patiently to questions and the obligatory complaints.

And now that we know everything we need to know about the G1, what about the next model? Panasonic already revealed at Photokina that they are working on an early-2009 HD version of the G1 - a "G1 HD".

And in the Olympus forum, a couple of threads have sprung up. We are expecting the "carrot-cam" (as Mrs FixIt calls it) from Olympus this year, so Olympus users are very tuned to all things Micro Four Thirds.

Best Panasonic G1 price
We checked the reputable online dealers we track on a regular basis, and the best price we found at the moment is around $670 for each color at Amazon.

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