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January 09, 2009

Housekeeping update for RSS-Reader Readers

If you are subscribed to our RSS feed, you may have noticed an increase in typos and kerfuffles in some of our posts. The reason is because Feedburner has been sped up by Google and it now picks up posts very fast, sometimes just seconds after you press PUBLISH. This is great news because it brings the latest posts to you faster than before.

But it is also bad news because it breaks our workflow of iterative blog post updates. Before the performance enhancements by Google, it took from a few minutes up to hours during "internet rush hour" for new posts to show up in RSS feeds. Because of this change we have to adjust our posting workflow. It will takes a few days until we adjust - let's call this "blogging muscle memory" - so please bare with us :)

If you notice any broken links or incomplete posts in the RSS feed, that's probably because Feedburner grabbed it right away. Please visit the actual post for corrections and updates. Feedburner eventually refreshes the posts with the new updates, but it may take a few hours for that to happen.

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