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January 10, 2009

"Hot Camera" Diaries update is now complete

The "diary update" update is now complete!

+ Canon 5D Mk II: A new review by a Canon site, a switch from Nikon to 5DMk2, ISO comparisons galore, and lots more.
+ Nikon D3X: Among others, Moose takes D3X to Yellowstone, a controversial ISO comparison of D3x/D3 vs 5DMkII/I by Ken Rockwell himself, Dutch samples, Joe McNally's "Monster", and a video unboxing that looks more like a cross between softcore and a camera-strap review.
+ Nikon D700: Two new reviews, a handful of new happy D700 owners, an e-shopping nightmare, and more
+ Sony A900: A German review, an HDR foto, and a write-up on how 20+ megapixel 35mmFF DSRLs are changing the game!
+ Canon G10: One of our readers pointed out we missed the Steve's Digicams and CDI reviews - added to the diary today. Sample pictures, vacation pictures, and a G10-vs-G9 discussion are among the latest topics.
+ Panasonic G1: A new review by a magazine, more LL-G1 action (LL-G1 = Leica Lenses on the Panasonic G1), more discussions and bugs, and an "artistic" edition.
+ Canon 50D: Two new short-reviews, new owners, a dynamic-range discussion and more tidbits from the blogosphere.
+ Nikon D90: Lots of tidbits from various photographers and bloggers, and a controversial Ken Rockwell D80-vs-D90 opinion is reanimated.
+ Panasonic LX3: A new review by a photographer, and some more hands-on first reports, some sample pictures, and a review in Czech are among the latest LX3 updates.

*** update is now complete ***

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