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January 03, 2009

Hot Camera Diaries update (update is complete)

The mass update of the various "hot camera diaries" is now complete! The updates are listed in reverse chronological order as we did not want to "sit" on the completed updates. The giant update is now complete!

+ Canon 5D Mark II: This is the biggest single diary update in the history of diary updates with 30 (thirty) entries including a six-pack of hands-on and on-going reviews (Ripsher, DCR, Luminous, etc), more opinions and first impressions, and more than 10 video clips, and a no-new-news update on supply.

+ Nikon D90: Two Canonites "discover" the D90, two wedding shoots, and plenty of samples from the blogosphere.

+ Panasonic G1: Digital Outback experiments with Leica M-lenses, new G1-LeicaM flickr group, new owners, on-going review, and an award for the orange Olympus prototype.

+ Canon 50D: A milestone camera says a guest-blogger at Luminous Landscape.

+ Canon G10: A "real world" mountain photographer review, a quick review, and blogosphere tidbits.

+ Nikon D3X: Galbraith adds D3X performance data to the memory card database, and a "D3X vs D3" comparison.

+ Nikon D700: A couple of #1s, and tidbits from the blogosphere and forumsphere.

+ Panasonic LX3: An award at a ...noisy blog, cousin D-Lux 4 fights Canon, an idiot loves noise (!), and other stories.

+ Sony Alpha A900: All is quiet on the A900 frontier. Time for a price-cut? We spoke too soon, Luminous Landscape has posted an A900 vs 5DMk2 comparison article.

+ Pentax K30D rumor diary: Just launched, this is the first Pentax diary, and at the same time it is an experimental "rumor diary". We hope Pentax eventually releases a K30d, otherwise this will be a "diary to nowhere" :-)

+ And while we are on the topic of Pentax, we just added a review cluster for the Pentax K2000 K-m DLSR.

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