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January 02, 2009

Goodbye JPG Magazine - Update: A New Hope?

The JPG Magazine has just announced on its blog that it will be closing, and by closing we mean really shutting down :-( The website itself will go down on Monday January 5, yes a very short notice. They are making back-issues available as PDF if you want to preserve the JPGMag legacy on your computer.

This is sad and it is a reminder that if you have favorite businesses or websites don't forget to support them during these tough economic times. Every pebble does count!

However, the JPG Magazine legacy lives on in the jpgmag flickr group and pool, with 18,000+ photographers and 160,000+ pictures in the pool.

There are two long farewell discussions in the flickr group, goodbye #1 and goodbye #2.

A New Hope
There is a "glimmer of hope" says JPG Magazine as perhaps there might be a "white Knight" out there ready, willing and able to swoop in and save the day! But as the JPGegers say, this is a "glimmer of hope" - don't get your hopes up just yet!

If you were planning on starting a photography or camera website, and you have the financial backing and financial flexibility, this may be a very good investment since you would be getting an established website and community already, thus not having to start and create everything from scratch! Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, you know what to do!

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