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January 01, 2009

Best selling DSLRs in Japan in 2008 (almost) - too close to call!

The whole 2008 except for the last 10 days that is. Akihabara News has translated the latest numbers from BCN, showing the Top 20 DSLR market share in Japan for 2008, all the way up to December 21st. For those who were wandering how they could post the annual numbers before the year actually ended, this is how! You can see the actual top 20 DSLRs at the aforementioned websites. Below we crunch the numbers for you:

Crunching the Top 20 Numbers
The top 20 cameras take up 92.3% of the market share, leaving 7.7% to the remaining DSLRs, with the highest market-share of the remainders being under 1.0%.

So who won? Well, this is actually too-close-to-call (really) because 7.7% of market share is not listed. Of the top 20 cameras however, Nikon wins by a thin margin, a 39-38 victory! Viva Nikon! BUT there are more Canon DSLRs outside the Top 20 than Nikon, so it really is too-close-to-call. Some could speculate that perhaps Canon would win by fractions of a percentage point, but we just don't know!

Of the remaining, Sony beat the next three combined, on the strength of its sub-$1000 DSLR trio of 2008. Of the remaining three, Olympus beats Pentax and Panasonic combined with a trio of DSLRs, with Pentax being the hardest kit as their top selling camera was almost outsold by the upstart Panasonic G1.

Panasonic's G1 in-fact is the top selling individual camera in the Four Thirds Universe, beating all the individual Olympus Four Thirds dSLRs, even though the G1 came after almost all of the 2008 Olympus models. This may be a good sign for Panasonic's premise of Micro Four Thirds, making more general-appeal cameras. Obviously this is too early, but this look promising, considering Panasonic is not exactly a household name in interchangeable lens cameras.

The top selling 35mm full frame DSLR is the Nikon D700 with 1% market share and sitting at the bottom of the top 20 at exactly #20. The remaining 35mm full frame DSLRs have less than 1% each, but we don't know how much.

Please note that these numbers only refer to the Top 20 cameras, which consists of 92.3% of the market share. This is not 100% of the market! The cameras below are not factored in, but they have a ceiling of 1% per individual model.

Cameras outside the Top 20
+ Canon 5D Mark I, Mark II, 1D Mark III, 1Ds Mark III
+ Nikon D3, D3x
+ Sony A700, A900
+ Olympus E3, E410, E30
+ Pentax K20D, K2000 K-m
+ Panasonic L10
+ all from Fuji, Leica, Sigma, Samsung, etc, and even older cameras from all manufacturers

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