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January 08, 2009

1001 Noisy Cameras announces wide-screen friendly blog headlines

Forgive the press release headline parody, but we have just re-arranged the top of the main page. Because more and more people are using widescreens (1280 up to 1920), we have moved the headlines at the top of the page, which saves space for people with screens 1280 or wider. These two sets of headlines were moved there from the left sidebar and the top of the main column.

This also gives the rest of the page more breathing room - it better aligns the rest of the material in a more traditional format. In other words, if you hate the headlines, you can you scroll down to the division line, and then you can read a "traditional" headline-less blog.

For those of you using mobile devices with small screens (iPhone, pen-computers, etc), we highly recommend using the RSS feed until/unless we create a mobile version.

In order to preserve our chaotic information-overload "street-cred" we made sure it doesn't look pretty ;-)

This also works with screens less than 1280, but the headlines will take up more screen-space. The main column is not fixed, so you can make it as small as you like - although if you go below 1000 pixels it won't be as readable.

The new headline changes are easy to undo in case if they prove unpopular, unreadable, or disasterous :)

We did a quick test of this with the following browsers and did not notice any problems. If you do notice any problems, please let us know:
+ Firefox 3.x
+ Opera 9.x
+ IE 7 (decrease/increase text-size through the menus, not the Ctrl+ key combo)
+ Chrome
+ Safari
+ Netscape Navigator
+ SeaMonkey
+ Avant
+ Flock

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