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December 08, 2008

Work for free - the great debate revisited in the photoblogosphere

The photo-blogo-sphere is buzzing with a new iteration of the great "work for free" debate.

It all started with Strobist's article on four reasons to work for free.

This got business-hawk John Harrington fired up! He offers an almost line-by-line retort to the "work for free" suggestions. He also tackles this issue for interns and spotlights select commentary. He also uses a video clip from Harlan Ellison rant to solidify his points.

But the "work for free" approach has its fan club as well - in fact Chase Jarvis (famous for the early Nikon D90 hands-on preview) - is asking people to submit ideas to him for a free project.

Vincent Laforet (famous for the 5DMk2 "Reverie" video) also chimes in looking at both sides of the free coin, and reveals he got big coin after Canon asked to use his "Reverie" video post-production.

TWiP Photo takes up this topic and offers an insightful analysis of the work-for-free proposition.

Moose Peterson urges photographers to read the Strobist carefully, and he is very much in agreement with the Strobist suggestions.

Eric Hamilton makes the case on when to work for free, while Sportshooter objects and proclaims: "Free is Killing Me!"

Unrelated to this discussion, but very related in topic is a brand new interview posted by "A Photo Editor" with photographer Bil Zelman. Note the distinction between pro-bono and free.

Meanwhile Chief Nikonian Martin Joergensen blogs that "free can make you money" and Black Star Rising offering five reasons not to sing to the free blues.

Tim Gruber on the other hand, points us to an article in the NY Times careers blog talking about this very subject from a more general career-field perspective.

Jeffrey Friedl meta-rants - rants about the rants - on the work-for-free movement.

And what does Ron Paul think? Ron Paul fans, be sure to ask him that question!

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