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December 04, 2008

Winners of the 2008 Reader's Choice Digital Camera Awards

The voting window is over, and it is time to crown the winners of the inaugural "1001 Noisy Cameras Reader's Choice Awards", as voted by readers like you!

We are a poor blog, so we can't give each winning camera a golden statue - instead we have created a spartan graphic :) If you have a blog, website or forum, please feel free to add it to the award collection of your favorite camera(s) :-) (please feel free to resize it).

The Results
You can check the voting page with the results. Without further delay, here are the top five finishers in each of the various categories! As you can see below, there were some close contests. We almost had to have a recount!

35mm Full Frame DSLR: Nikon D700
1. Nikon D700 37%
2. Canon 5D Mark II 35%
3. Nikon D3 18%
4. Sony Alpha A900 8%
5. Canon 1Ds Mark III 2%

Enthusiastic DSLR: Nikon D90
1. Nikon D90 27%
2. Nikon D300 26%
3. Pentax K20D 14%
4. Canon 50D 11%
5. Canon 40D 8%

Affordable DSLR: Canon D-Rebel XSi 450D
1. Canon Digital Rebel XSi 450D 28%
2. Panasonic G1 14%
=3. Nikon D60 13%
=3. Nikon D40 13%
5. Pentax K200D 9%

Paper Camera: Olympus Micro Four Thirds prototype
1. Olympus Micro Four Thirds prototype 40%
2. Leica S2 26%
(3. Leica M8.2 12% - became real during poll)
4. Sigma DP2 11%
(5. Olympus 4/3rds prototype 8% - became the E30)

Compacts with RAW (RAWsumers): Panasonic LX3
1. Panasonic LX3 46%
2 Canon G10 33%
3. Sigma DP1 6%
4. Leica D-Lux4 5%
=5. Ricoh GX200 and Nikon P6000

Superzooms: Panasonic FZ28
1. Panasonic FZ28 29%
2. Fuji S100fs 19%
3. Canon SX1 IS 14%
4. Canon SX10 IS 10%
5. Casio Ex-F1 7%

Fun Zooms: Panasonic TZ5
1. Panasonic TZ5 57%
2. Canon sX110 IS 21%
3. Fuji S2000hd 12%
=4. Sony H10
=4. Panasonic TZ4

Worthy Compacts: Fuji F100fd
1. Fuji F100fd 18%
2. Canon SD880is 17%
3. Canon SD990is 15%
4. Canon A590is 13%
5. Panasonic FX37 11%

That's all folks!
We hope you enjoyed the inaugural 2008 Reader's Choice Awards, voted by Reader's like you!

For reviews of some of the cameras mentioned above be sure to check the DSLR Reviews and Compact Reviews Index.

PS> "DSLR" in this context includes all cameras with interchangeable lenses. While not a purist use of the term, it makes the text a lot more readable if you type "DSLR" versus "Interchangeable Lens Digital Cameras (ILDC)".

PS2> The Polls will remain open but any future votes will not alter the official results and awards

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