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December 14, 2008

Review Train (GRD2, G10, 50D, A2000is, Pentax gear, and more)

Welcome to a new edition of the Review Train! For past, present and future episodes, be sure to check the Review News mini-blog.

Spotlight Review: Ricoh GRD II at Serious Compacts
It's not often that the GRD II gets a review, so let's check it out! A brand new Ricoh GRD II review has been posted at Serious Compacts. (You can also save the review as a PDF!) This is a multi-part review, which includes some handy side-by-side pictures of the GRD II versus the other camera bodies (G10, DP1, DLux4). It's impossible to touch the GRD2 in the US market since it's only sold by three online retailers, so the side-by-side pictures help you get a better feel of the camera.

You will also find lots of sample pictures with the "II", and plenty of side-by-side DP1 crops.

As you can expect, the conclusions for this camera are long and nuanced. No spoilers here, but we'll give you a teaser: "razor"!

Update: The review has been featured at Techmeme, the e-newspaper of the techno-biz-blogo-sphere.

Canon Powershot Reviews
Fun-zoom! How does the Canon SX110is fare in its latest review at DigiCamReview? No spoilers here, but for the curious, the verdict's at the bottom of the page! Clearly Canon did not spend as much on the style of this camera, it makes the Pentax PC-550 look good ;-) But we buy this for the features and the superzoom, not the design elegance award :)

A new day, a new review for the G10. This one by Trusted Reviews.

They took away the PSAM! So what does DP Interface think of the Canon A2000is? Let the "GINO" debate resume!

DSLR Reviews
Steve's Digicams, which badly needs a working RSS feed, has posted their findings on the Canon 50D.

Ken Rockwell has gone into a Pentax gear review burst-mode, and a Pentaxian domain expert reviews his reviews. More reactions to the KR reviews at the Pentax Forums (corrected url).

Gallery Time
Let's Go Digital has posted two galleries, one for the Olympus E30 DSLR, which sits between the E3 and the E5xx-series, even though it actually costs more than the E3 :) The other gallery is for the popular SX10 is, Canon's new mass-market superzoom with AA-batteries.

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