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December 09, 2008

Review Train (Fuji F60fd, Lumix FX150, Pentax K200D, books, and more)

Welcome to yet another edition of the Review Train! We have plenty of new reviews for you to peruse and digest! But if you need more, be sure to check the Reviews mini-blog which includes yesterday's update (superzooms, G1, etc).

Spotlight reviews: Of Small Sensors and Megapixels
Photography Blog has posted their trademark six-part review of the Fuji F60fd. While no F31fd, the F60fd is the "keeper of the flame". But how close to the tiny-pixel flame did it get and why are the conclusions conflicting and conflicted?

Not showing as much restraint as they did with the LX3, Panasonic invited 15 million pixels to party in the FX-150. DP Interface has posted their review. With more megapixels than ants in an ant-farm, how did the FX150 perform? And what can you get out of the RAW mode?

DSLR Reviews
The Gear blog of the PDN network (I should say "district") has posted an experiential review of the Canon 50D. No spoilers, but ISO talk features prominently so be sure to check it out. And speaking of the Canon 50D, fellow photographer-blogger Jeff Revell of Photo Walk Pro has announced his pre-release of his brand new book, "Canon 50d: From Snapshots to Great Shots" (Amazon, pre-order).

Pentax K200D review double-header
AA-based K-fans will be very interested to check out the K200D review at Imaging Resource. No spoilers here but the list of pros and cons combined together is a skyscraper!

The second review comes from the camera review site with quite possibly the coolest color-scheme and user interface, NeoCamera. For more K200D reviews, check the list.

Coming Soon
Galleries of the popular Canon SX10is are up at DC Resource, which recently celebrated its 11th birthday! Happy birthday DC-Resource!

Book Reviews
TWiP Photo has posted a new review, #32, of the book "Art Photography Now" by Susan Bright.

And at TOP, we find a review of the hardcover "The Printer Picture" by Richard Brenson.

Next up, Brian at Epic Edits has reviewed "REZA: War + Peace" - a heavy-duty book into the unpleasant side of humanity.

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