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December 30, 2008

Review Train (Compact Digital Cameras only)

We have back-to-back "review round-ups". If you missed yesterday's DSLR-heavy edition, be sure to check it out. Today's episode focuses (no pun intended) on compact digital cameras only!

Spotlight: SuperZooms
We have two dueling hyperzooms reviewed in the last few hours. First up, Olympus's SP-570uz, their 3rd model since their superzoom renaissance, has been reviewed by DCI. Don't let the model numbers confuse you, the timeline (this is not LOST!) is: SP550uz, SP560uz, SP570uz, SP565uz. For complaints about the model number sequencing, please write to Olympus :-)

Next up, Let's Go Digital reviews Canon's main replacement to the S5-IS, the Powershot SX10 is, which unlike the limited-availability SX1-is, the SX10 is available in all the usual places.

Compacts, the fabric of our lives
If the title sounds a bit strange, it's a play on a recent advertising campaign on ..."cotton"! (too much Eggnog?)

The Olympus Stylus 1050SW gets not one but two reviews! This is part of the "Stylus SW" series, which Olympus will be renaming to "TOUGH" in 2009. "Stylus Tough" though is a ...tough sell. How many people associate a stylus with toughness? Perhaps the Extreme Pens and Pencils Ultimate Fighting Association, but who else? :)

Ok, enough with the silliness, on to the reviews! The first one is at Camera Labs and the second one at Digital Camera Review. Both are solid review sites, so by reading these two you can get a good feel for this camera. The shockproofness, freezeproofness and element-proofness is certainly a temptation, and in our self-appointed authority opinion, if Olympus offered these with SD/SDHC (in addition to xD), they would probably challenge the Powershots in terms of popularity. Time for an Olympus renaissance and perestroika! The stubborn people (the ones that brought us xD and panorama dependencies) must go, and a new wave of 21st century Olympus executives need to take over :)

Next up, a bling-bling camera, one of the many T-series models, the Cybershot T300 reviewed by Pho Blog. We have lost track of the many T-series models, we are still trying to understand the difference between the T10 and the T11 ;-)

And we close with a Coolpix, the Nikon S610c has received a review at DCI which is short for Digital Camera Info.

As with all the reviews, we will not spoil the findings/conclusions, you have to run to the respective websites and find out what they found out. This way we do not inject any bias in the initial readings of the reviews of these horrible cameras ;-)

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