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December 15, 2008

Results of the Blog Referendum

The results of the Blog Referendum are finalized! Decisions are made!

Decisions Made by YOU in the Blog Referendum

  1. You have decided the new order of the hot cameras at the top of each blog page. These are the cameras in the light-blue background below the blog name. The cameras have been re-arranged as of a few minutes ago to the New Order! We had a little bit of a voting kerfuffle in this poll as one D90 fan tried to give the D90 a nice boost in the rankings by voting "vigorously" :-) The extra "boost" was factored out of the final rankings in order to be fair and balanced to everyone else who voted. Here is the before and after order. The ones with bold have moved up:

    The New Order
    Previous PositionNew Position
    1. Nikon D3x
    2. Canon 5D Mark II
    3. Nikon D90
    4. Canon 50D
    5. Sony A900
    6. Nikon D700
    7. Panasonic LX3
    8. Canon G10
    9. Panasonic G1
    1. Nikon D700
    2. Canon 5D Mark II
    3. Panasonic LX3
    4. Panasonic G1
    5. Nikon D90
    6. Nikon D3x
    7. Canon G10
    8. Canon 50D
    9. Sony A900

  2. You have decided with a strong majority (over 60%) that you want a Super-Feed, in addition to individual blog feeds. This will include updates from every Noisy blog, including the main blog, RAWsumer, Camera Deals, etc, etc. We will create the Super-Feed in the next few days and after it is tested and ready to go, we'll let everyone know. If you want to be a SuperFeed feed beta-tester let us know and we'll give you the SuperFeed url ahead of time. If you have any suggestions on what tools are the best for creating SuperFeeds also please let us know!

  3. You decided that we should use neither singular nor plural all the time, but instead mix it up when writing. For example, sometimes I'll say "we think this camera is horrible", and sometimes we'll say "I think this camera is horrible".

  4. The vote to split gear-talk from photography-talk got 51% of the vote, but because it is a very big blog change - the equivalent of a "blog constitutional amendment" - it needed 2/3rds of the votes to pass. However, since it got a slight majority of the vote it may be revisited in 2009

  5. The vote to change the color-theme of the blog sent mixed signals, which means we have to create a more detailed set of questions in a future poll. Leaving the color-theme as it is got the most votes among the choices, but it got less than 50% of the total vote. So the color theme remains as is until the next color-theme vote! We also got a couple of creative reader-suggestions, one was for 18% gray, and another for a noise/grain pattern with color blotches :)

  6. The "name the blog" question received the least amount of votes, and we did not have a winner. None of the answers got more than 35%. We got a couple of creative reader suggestions, one was "Kiss my Glass" and another one was ..."Bob"

Future Blog Referendums
This was a fun thing to do, so we will have another one in the first part of 2009. If you have any topics you would like to bring to a vote then, please leave a comment or send an email. Please note that submissions will be put to a vote only if they have to pass a feasibility test. For example, a measure to "review every camera the day it is released" could get 100% of the vote, but unfortunately it is not feasible. Similarly a measure to "put a new DSLR under everyone's chair" would get 100% of the vote, but unless Santa or Oprah are sponsoring it, it wouldn't be feasible :)

PS: We never close polls, so you can still vote, but the outcome of the "blog referendum" is decided.

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