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December 12, 2008

Photography Soup (Friday December 12, 2008)

We finally have a new episode of the Photography Soup, almost a month (oh my!) since the previous update! And this was supposed to be a daily post :-) We'll make it up to you by having a giant episode!

flickr member showcase: joespix
We continue featuring members from our flickr pool, in the order in which they joined and submitted pictures. Today's featured member is Joe's Pix. Joe has submitted a great selection of pictures to the pool, making the task of picking a favorite harder!

We couldn't decide on a favorite, so we are picking two favorites, the mysterious door and the HDR creek. But as regular readers may have noticed, we tend to pick "atmospheric" type pictures, so as an alternative, here is a colorful picture :)

And since this is the season, here we have three Santas cheering up a cloudy day.

New Launches
There's a new home for users and fans of all things Zeiss, the brand new, offering sub-forums for just about everything Zeiss!

From the people that brought us all things PDN, they have a new blog, the PDN Photo of the Day. And keeping with the larger-picture-size trend, they are posting pictures almost 1000 pixels wide (954). And who do you need to know to get your pictures published there? It's simple, just submit them to the PDF editors. Either individual pictures or point them to a website/gallery.

Tempting the Wrath of Ralph Nader
Cameta Cameras is not shy about stretching the supply-and-demand curves. They are offering ONE Canon 5D Mark II w/EF 24-105mm lens for $4500 at Amazon. No, the price is not a typo, it is $1000 above the standard price. Why the premium? The cameras are hard to find, and many photographers want them yesterday. So in this game of chicken, the Cameta bean-counters think there is a reasonable chance someone will want the camera NOW and would be willing to pay an extra $1000. (This would probably work better during the irrational exuberance years).

Around the Net
All you can eat DSLR shipment numbers from Japan in this informative dpreview News forum thread. Somebody's ...Krying after these numbers, while the combined Four Thirds and Micro Four Thirds mount may be ...mounting an attack on Sony for the #3 spot in 2009.

David Ziser writes about the most important light of all in his latest "gear bag friday" installment. Pictures are included in the post to illustrate his points.

The Imaging Insider spotlights an article talking about ten photography myths. What made the list?

What equipment do you need for wedding photography asks/answers Ryan Brenizer. Will my trusty "Hello Kitty" QVGA do or do I have to get a six-pack of medium formats? Or is perhaps the answer somewhere in-between? :-)

The "Bear" got three flickr employees says Thomas Hawk. Flickr of course is part of the struggling Yahoo who got caught up in the dangerous War Games between The Google and The Microsoft. Speaking of The Google, they are trying to "take out" domain registrars now by offering ads for parked domains. They are already offering $10 domain registrations via their gadgets. But that's a story for a different blog :-)

Epic Edits has a cautionary tale for those buying on eBay. Trust but verify as they used to say.

How do metering patterns work? Joe Farace has found ...a pattern :)

A street photograph shot 20 years ago in South Europe is resurfacing at Shutterfinger.

This feels like a VH1 special, please tell me this is not Scott Kelby! (hint: it is!)

ePhotoZine features the face of defeat, a project by photographer Sandy Nicholson.

And we close with a petroglyph from a Hawai'i'i'ian volcano by Stephen Alvarez.

Old Soup, New Soup
We accidentally forgot to mention these two interesting posts in previous updates, but we think they are interesting! First, what do you learn from a photo sale? What do you have to pay attention to? Photopreneur has some suggestions.

And next, Nikonian Martin Joergensen talks about ten movies that inspired his photography. Which ten movies? We will only reveal one: Blade Runner. Read on the Nikonian blog for the rest!

One Year Ago
We've piled up enough "Pho Soup" episodes that we can now enter the time-machine and see what was in the soup one year ago.

So what was happening on Wedn Dec 12 2007?
+ Thom Hogan updated his 2008 predictions
+ Rob Galbraith had an update on the 1D Mark III auto-focus issue
+ David Ziser's winter wonderland
+ we discovered twitter

You Decide 2008 - the Blog Referendum
Only three days left to vote in the Blog Referendum. You decide a number of issues. The most popular issue voting-wise has been the ordering of the "hot cameras" at the top of the blog. Right now the battle for #1 is neck and neck between the D700 and 5DMk2. The two Panasonics (G1, LX3) are fighting for the #3 spot, while in a bit of a shocker, the Canon G10 is in the bottom three!

This episode is now final
I think it's approaching the unreadably-long length, almost three page-downs long, so it is time to "close" this episode. Stay tuned for more daily/weekly/monthly episodes of the Pho-Soup!

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