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December 10, 2008

Olympus pre-announces TOUGH line of SW cameras of 2009

Olympus Japan (computer-translated) has announced that they will be announcing new SW-series cameras in early 2009 and they have a new name for them: TOUGH! It will be interesting to see whether they will still use the "Stylus" name in the US market, because "Stylus TOUGH" is rather contradictory. The cameras will have three defining characteristics:

  1. waterproof and dustproof performance

  2. high-impact performance

  3. low-temperature performance

Memo to Olympus (Special Commentary)
Changing the name of these cameras is like re-arranging the chairs (on the Titanic) - if you want them to have mass-market appeal, you know what you have to do, deal with the "Olympushed" scandals:

  1. Use SD/SDHC/MMC memory cards (in addition to xD)

  2. Stop with the panorama-card silliness

  3. Bonus: Apologize for the previous two

How dare you think that by adding "microSD" you can get away with it? How dare you Sirs? Burying your users deeper into the xD media hole you dugg up not to ...smartly is the wrong way to go! Adding SD/SDHC memory card support would have these cameras flying off the shelves!

Just like the Detroit auto-makers, the executives running Olympus are in living in their own bubble, a bubble that at times seems orthogonal to reality!

This the 2326th day since the declaration of xD accomplished on July 30, 2002. Good night, and good luck!

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