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December 06, 2008

New top selling digital cameras update (superzooms, Coolpixies, and affordable DSLRs)

Welcome to a new edition of the on-going soap-opera that is the top selling digital cameras at If you want to avoid any spoilers, jump straight to the new top selling camera charts update! Spoilers and a screen-shot teaser follow this sentence!


Goodbye Black Friday and Cyber Monday
The impact of those two days is now fading away and things return to "normal" - whatever "normal" is in this situation :)

Nikon is grabbing Coolpix market share left and right with the two L18 colors (ruby, blue) continuing to sell for under $100, the S210 down to $110, and the S60 VR falling off the $300 cliff.

Canon continues to win the superzoom wars, as the SX10is has pulled ahead of the FZ28 by five spots, but things are tightening in the "fun zoom" segment where the three TZ5 models are moving on up at the discounted price of $225.

The Canon G10 (reviews) is down to $430 again, and back in the top 20. It is running unopposed as the Lumix LX3K cannot stay in-stock for more than a few hours, so it can't build up any momentum. Meanwhile the Nikon P6000 was "ruined" at inception by whoever was the "brainiac" at NikonLand who decided to give it a half-baked RAW option, and now Nikon's only option is to keep dropping the price until it becomes bargain-enough so it gets scooped up.

Affordable DSLRs reign over mid-range and beyond
Gone are the glory days of the Canon 40D and Nikon D90 roaming in the Top 25. Now the top 25 regulars are the affordables, the two Digital Rebel XS* models (450d, 1000d) and the Nikon D40 kit which is back to $410 again.

The Market Pulse
For past, present and future episodes of top sellers and other market related topics, be sure to check the Market Pulse.

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